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Greetings, person of the universe! I'm Rachel, I run the world this blog, and yes, my hair is silver. As a fan of books (obvi) and Beauty and the Beast (obvi obvi), I decided to give this blog the name you see above, Beauty and the Bookshelf (originally For the Love of Reading). While my focus here is mainly Young Adult, I'll occasionally mix in some Middle Grade, New Adult, and Adult.

I'm a twenty-something Creative Writing college student who occasionally acts five years old, and I just want to share my love of books with all of you! Since my passion is books (and also Disney and food), I want to be a published author, but since I'm also a total animal lover, I hope to someday work with all sorts of fascinating creatures. But for now I have my dogs Ruger (Black Labrador mix), Bella (Golden Retriever), and Benji (Shihpoo), cats PeeWee (real name O'hara) and Big Kitty (she really is big, and also the boss), and a lazy hedgehog named Odair (yes, that Odair).

I like long walks through a zoo, cozying up in front of a space heater, and watching The Walking Dead. Aside from here, you can also find me on the sites found in the icons on the right, but I'll also list them for you below. In the meantime, read on, my fellow bookish fiend!

Email: rachelpatrick93(at)yahoo(dot)com

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    Follow us Upstairs,
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  2. Hi...wondering if you plan to review Rae Carson's new Fire and Thorns series entry?


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