May 29, 2017

The Weekly Forecast (36)

Welcome to a weekly feature of sorts here on Beauty and the Bookshelf: The Weekly Forecast! I've been reworking the blog a bit, trying to post more and be consistent, but also to post more than reviews and the same two memes every week (assuming I even post anything during a week). Then I thought of The Weekly Forecast, a way to recap what I did on the blog the week before, and then to forecast what will be on the blog the coming week. The latter could be helpful because it keeps me in check, kind of: if I tell you I'm going to post a review this week then now I basically have to post a review this week. But first: let me tell you what happened on the blog last week.

The Weekly Forecast is coming to you a day late this week because I've been busy with work, buuut I posted all five days last week (!!!) so I call that a win.


Monday: A Multipurpose Giveaway

Tuesday: Top Ten Books for Your Summer Reading List

Wednesday: Waiting on Wednesday

ThursdayOnce and For All Review

FridayWhat to Say Next Ninety Second Novel

I haven't really read anything? I mean, I started When Dimple Met Rishi and Wallbanger. But nothing's really grabbing me, so I might try to start something else once I finish up this post...


Tuesday: One of Us Is Lying Review

Wednesday: Favorite Flower Covers

ThursdayAlex, Approximately Review

Friday: May Rewind

Recommendation of the Week

DID YOU KNOW that there is such a thing as witch hazel, and that you can put said witch hazel ON YOUR FACE? I discovered this fantastically named magic potion through work, and the few guests I know who use it (and bought it, of course) said you use it as a toner. No cleanser or anything, really. Just toner. And your makeup can go right over it. Feel free to use moisturizer if you need to, too. I've been using it for a bit with some other products and can't say that I see much of a difference yet, but it definitely cleans my face and it doesn't burn. And it's called witch hazel. If it's the cure that gives me great skin then I will be very, very pleased. 

Wait, how is it almost June?


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  4. Ohh.. so cute! I love them all, especially the first one. The last one reminds me of candy corn, in the best possible way!
    I was thinking about a reunion!


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