Apr 6, 2017

24 Notable Things

It may seem like an odd (yet even) number--24. Or maybe it's not so random. There are, after all, 24 hours in each day. The 24th day of December is Christmas Eve. There's some show I've never seen called 24. Pure gold is 24 carats, and Bruno Mars sings about it. Kobe Bryant's jersey number is, apparently, 24. Then there's this very post, which will briefly list 24 of my favorite things. And it just so happens that today, April 6, I am 24 years old. (And if you turn April 6 into 4/6, then 4 times 6 is 24.) So this, basically.

I like my birthday. I do! I'm just another year older and that I do not like. But hey, we're not here to be all dark and dreary. It is, after all, MY BIRTHDAY. Instead I'm going to share 24 somewhat favorite, definitely notable (and some edible!) objects with you. Merry April 6, folks!

1. pickle juice, which is, in fact, delicious, especially when you drink it right from the jar.
2. soul eater aka why I'm mad at Netflix because how dare they remove my show and my precious babies.
3. the braveheart score because I just really love it okay (and the second to last track is very big writing inspiration).
4. rings that are fun and funky and, of course, aesthetically pleasing for bookstagram.
5. bookstagram, or, my creative outlet and also my stress factor because nature and books don't exactly mix well.
6. sparkling ICE coconut pineapple sparkling water/juice/drink stuff, and what, instead of water, my body is vastly made up of.
7. great apes, also known as gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, and bonobos, very commonly and incorrectly known as monkeys, and animals that tug at my heartstrings.
8. beauty and the beast, the movie of my childhood, one of the stories with my fav concept "who is the monster and who is the man?", and the (new) soundtrack I'm listening to as I type this.
9. peter pan because, even though Beauty and the Beast is my favorite, I am such complete and utter trash for all things Peter Pan.
10. tabasco sauce because you put that shit on everything (salt too, sorry Mom and my body as I keep getting older ew).
11. stephenie meyer, whose books have made me the reader and aspiring write I am today.
12. the rainforest cafe because is there a cooler place to eat (no there's not don't even try).
13. maps may be sort of hard for me to read and remember (compasses can die and why they were a part of PE in elementary school I will never understand) but something about them is so lovely.
14. five layer burrito from Taco Bell, why aren't you in my mouth right now?
15. black isn't technically a color but it's my favorite color (and makes me feel like I should've put my favorite word on this list, which rhymes with "duck" but is bad).
16. studio ghibli/hayao miyazaki aka weird as hell but such freaking beautiful movies that make you angry because why isn't there more kissing?
17. faux taxidermy is super cool and ugh (antlers and skulls hello) but real taxidermy makes me angry face.
18. scarves should go with pajamas, am I right or am I right?
19. hair and nails, because the more colorful and the more claw-like (respectively), the better.
20. vampires are my favorite (not) mythical creature (so are werewolves and fae and stuff) and apparently I am one, or so I've been told (though I don't know my own blood type, should I?).
21. puppy patrol was the chapter book series of my youth and some of them made me cry but they all made me want my very own animal rescue/dog kennel and I still do.
22. boots are such wonderful shoes and I'd like to have them all and I'm not big on shopping but I'll go shopping for some badass boots.
23. morganville vampires is more than just a book series to me--it's a series and world and stories and characters that feel like home.
24. dinosaurs because motherfucking dinosaurs.

What are some of your notables?


  1. Happy Birthday!!! I like pickle juice too, so you're not alone!! Also, my son's fave color is black and has been since he was 2. I thought MAYBE I should be worried, but I think you're good peoples, so I'll relax a little about his darkness :)

  2. Happy birthday!!!! This is such a cute idea for a post! And I'm dying laughing at #16 because there is never enough kissing in anime!

  3. Sometimes I wish you lived closer to me because I feel like we'd be best friends. The 5 Layer Burrito is THE ONLY THING I GET from Taco Bell (most of the time). So effing good. Also, I love Rainforest Cafe but they closed the one closest to me! I have to go to Disneyland to go to one now :( Oh and hi, the Braveheart score...I walked down the aisle to that at our wedding.



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