Mar 20, 2017

The Weekly Forecast (30)

Welcome to a weekly feature of sorts here on Beauty and the Bookshelf: The Weekly Forecast! I've been reworking the blog a bit, trying to post more and be consistent, but also to post more than reviews and the same two memes every week (assuming I even post anything during a week). Then I thought of The Weekly Forecast, a way to recap what I did on the blog the week before, and then to forecast what will be on the blog the coming week. The latter could be helpful because it keeps me in check, kind of: if I tell you I'm going to post a review this week then now I basically have to post a review this week. But first: let me tell you what happened on the blog last week.

Whoops, the Weekly Forecast is up on Monday this week!


Monday: Blog Tour: A Boy Called Bat

Tuesday: A Very Enchanted Giveaway

Wednesday: Your Beautiful and Beastly YA Reading List

Friday: Review: Hunted

I picked up and quickly went through three shorter reads--A Boy Called Bat, The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die, and The Secret History of Us--and now I'm finally reading Mortal Heart.


Tuesday: Review: Cashmere

WednesdayFor the Tote: Beauty and the Beast

Thursday: Review: Prisoner of Night and Fog

Friday: Ninety Second Novel: The Secret History of Us

Recommendation of the Week

I just really love this score okay. It's so magical. And in case you were wondering, "I Do Believe in Fairies" is my favorite favorite favorite.

How's blogging going for you lately?

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