Feb 6, 2017

Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza - Day 1

Hello, lovelies! Welcome to Day One of Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza, a two-week, three-posts-a-week long blog-a-thon of sorts to get people blogging and showcase creativity! To learn more about Get Up Offa That Slump (like what the schedule is or how you can join in on all the fun, which you can do at any time), please go here. And if you're already participating, WELCOME! Don't forget to add your link to the linky at the bottom of this post. Now--today's prompts!

An Interview With Yourself
I know what you're thinking: Umm, Rachel...what the hell? But trust me on this. I did this a couple years ago (you can see my post here) and for last year's Extravaganza (here), and it's actually really, really fun! I also think it's a fantastic way to kick this giant blogging party off and show off your voice. People will get to know the person behind the blog, and you'll have an entertaining new post.
A Vlog
Another aspect of GUOTS is to challenge yourself a bit and maybe push a little outside your comfort zone. And a great way to do that? Through a video! It shows the person behind the blog, but also really shows you and gives people a chance to get to know you. (And it's not that scary, I promise!)

I'll be doing...

An Interview with Myself

Without further adieu:

(You only get one picture because I can't get on my computer and the one I'm using doesn't know how to properly handle photos and asdfghjkl it's driving me crazy.)

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, hat and outdoorRachelWhat's your name?

Rachel: Rachel. Not Rachelle. Not Rachael. Rachel.

RachelWhat color is your hair?

Rachel: The answer to this question constantly varies. Right now my hair is hideous: dark brown with a pinkish blondeish ombre that faded from purple and teal. I'm sure it won't go well, but I really want to try a very tasteful orange. But that will involve bleach (which is a very bad idea), and honestly: I might just go dark dark dark brown for a while (to help with hair health and because I'm job searching and without a job I can't get my hair done). And that kills me because I hate having boring hair, even if it looks better on me.

RachelSheesh, you're big on hair color.

Rachel: I've had almost every single color in my hair at some point. My dream color? Silver/gray. Too bad it's a pain in the fucking ass.

RachelDo you swear a lot?

Rachel: I'm a French potty-mouthed sailor who needs her mouth washed out with soap on a daily basis, and fuck is my favorite word.

RachelIs it true...

Rachel: That I drink pickle juice from the jar? Yes, yes I do. It's delicious.


Rachel: You know what's really gross? Hummus. Peanut sauce. Red velvet. RAISINS.

RachelYour dream career...

Rachel: Is to be a published (and, yes, successful) author. I have ideas, I just really struggle to write them down and to convey what's in my head. I also really want to work in a zoo or something of the like and be Jane Goodall.

Rachel: What's the first line of your current WIP?

Rachel: WELL. All my WIPs exist on my laptop which is currently having charging issues. And I like never share anything from/about what I'm writing/want to write. Buuut I do have Pinterest boards for my fantasy (and number one) WIP and something called Monsters Anonymous. And the main thing I've been working on is called 642 Tiny Things About Oliver Saks.

RachelDo you have an aesthetic?

Rachel: I don't really think so, buuut: black, sweaters, antlers, skulls, faux taxidermy, dark and cozy, Sparking ICE Pineapple & Coconut, boots, scarves, funky rings, gold, movie scores, paint-covered fingers, messy hair, wishing for tattoos, music that hits the spot, animals, braids, colored hair, claw-like nails, maps, Peter Pan, on fleek eyebrows, daydreaming, villains.

Rachel: If you could get one tattoo right now, what would it be?

Rachel: ARGH. I want SO MANY but I don't have any because they're there FOREVER and what if they're not PERFECT? But I kind of sort of really want a map of Neverland on my right thigh. I just think it would like a blob instead of a map. (I don't want all the details; just the shape filled in, maybe with Neverlandish accents--Pan's feather, Hook's hook, a Tiger Lily, etc.)

RachelWhat are you listening to right this second?

Rachel: The August Rush soundtrack.

RachelYou probably think this interview is about you.

Rachel: Don't you?

RachelDon't you?

Rachel: Don't you?

Did you conduct an interview or put together a vlog today? Whatever it is, don't forget to link up! And remember to come back in two days for more fun posts--you can see what's up next here.

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