Jan 22, 2017

The Weekly Forecast (24)

Welcome to a weekly feature of sorts here on Beauty and the Bookshelf: The Weekly Forecast! I've been reworking the blog a bit, trying to post more and be consistent, but also to post more than reviews and the same two memes every week (assuming I even post anything during a week). Then I thought of The Weekly Forecast, a way to recap what I did on the blog the week before, and then to forecast what will be on the blog the coming week. The latter could be helpful because it keeps me in check, kind of: if I tell you I'm going to post a review this week then now I basically have to post a review this week. But first: let me tell you what happened on the blog last week.

I'm slowly getting back into the reading and blogging groove...but now I'm failing at bookstagram. WHOOPS. Maybe January is just like a really big Monday.


Monday: Review: Caraval

Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday

Wednesday: Waiting on Wednesday

Thursday: Review: By Your Side

I FINALLY read and finished an entire book. Actually, I read THREE: Attachments, The Bird and the Sword, and Miranda and Caliban. I also started The Lies of Locke Lamora, but Cashmere was Read Now on NetGalley so guess what I'm reading now.


Monday: National Handwriting Day

Tuesday: Review: Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones

WednesdayThe Notables of 2016

Thursday: Review: A Monster Calls

Friday: Kitty Hawk Interview

How was your week?

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