Jan 25, 2017

The Notables of 2016

Hello, hello, all! I know I'm about a month late in posting this, but better late than never, right? I just wanted to take the chance to share some things that I thought were notable in 2016, whether they be about books or anime or art or really good drinks. In other words, these are a few of my favorite things of 2016. (And I want you to love them too okay?)

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne // Of all the books I could've put on this list I'm going with The Hating Game because it's one of the BEST books I've read in a long time, it's not what I usually read, it's just SO DAMN GOOD, and it's a hyped book that actually worked for me. And it's the precious. READ IT, PLEASE.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries // If you have Netflix then I'd 110% recommend watching this Australia-based, era-riffic, crime-solving show of shippy perfection. I'll be completely honest: it's an amazing show. But 99% of the reason I watch it is because I ship the ever-loving shit out of Jack and Phryne.

Soul Eater // I was looking for something to watch post-Ghibli-binge, and while this show is nothing like Ghibli films, OH MY GOSH. I'm super duper utterly obsessed with Soul Eater Evans. All I want in the world is for him and Maka to make out and do other things okay (because I have priorities).

Sweaters // I've never been much of a sweater gal (they're itchy okay), but this year I've been like SWEATERS. They're warm and cozy and very aesthetically pleasing. Works for me!

Bookstagram // I got into #bookstagram before 2016, but later in the year is when I really started to get into it and build myself up and kind of find my niche. And I love love love bookstagram. It's such a great outlet for creativity (and as a bonus it has books!).

Gladiator Score // So, this score certainly isn't from 2016, and it's not the only thing I listened to (obsessively) last year. But it just might be my favorite music discovery. I have a thing for scores, and this one (and the songs Spotify shuffles with it), is stellar.

Picolo // I follow quite a few artists on Instagram, but _picolo is my fucking favorite. I'm not sure when I actually started following him, but we'll go with 2016 because YOU ALL NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HIM. It started with the art for his original story Icarus and the Sun (my GOSH), then delved into fanart that super duper makes me need to watch Teen Titans (and now I have SHIPS).

Sparkling ICE Pineapple & Coconut // Aside from the milk in my cereal bowl, this and water is like all I drink (and I'm only slightly addicted).

Fanart // I swear, 2016 was the year of fanart. ProjectNelm, Charlie Bowater, Meabhd--I can't even keep track of all my favorites, but these are probably my top three (and all their art kills me again and again).

Zootopia // YES I really really liked the movie but I also have a wonderful shipping problem with fox-and-bunny soulmates Nick and Judy.

What were your notables of 2016?

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  1. Yay - thanks for sharing your loves from last year.I haven't tried Sparkling Ice Pineapple & Coconut, so I'm all about getting a bottle this week. And Mrs. Fisher - so adding that to my watch list.


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