Nov 22, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday (179)

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This Tuesday's theme is...

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is pretty self explanatory, and since this blog is about books I'm choosing to focus on, well, books! And this might make me sound like a horrible person, but I actually had a hard time--or maybe just a brain fart--coming up with ten bookish things I'm thankful for. I think the hard part was that a lot of it coincides and ties in, so my reasoning would seem verbatim. Buuut I did come up with ten not-exactly-separate bookish things to be thankful for, and here they are!

This one's a given, right? But books have been such a glorious, painful, submersible door to walk through, and it's a world full of other worlds and universes that, once entered, can never be left. Through books I've gone adventures, I've cried, I swooned, and I've made friends--both fictional and non--and for that I will forever be thankful.

There's no rule that requires a post--whether it be on a blog, on Instagram, or in response to a Tweet--to be responded to. And yet so many people do, providing feedback, rooting encouragement, and engaging in conversation with a stranger behind a screen. And for all those people who do, who take time out of their day to comment on something of mine? Let me tell you: I may be wretched at responding to them, but I see each and every one, and they bring me such joy.

Just like there's no rule requiring a comment, there's no rule requiring you to follow someone. But I have over 400 followers here, over 2,000 on Twitter, and nearly 4,000 on Instagram--that many people care about what I have to say. That's kind of baffling, if you ask me.

Back in elementary school, we had art days every month or so. And my last year of middle school I took an art class, and my last year of high school I took one as well. When I was in elementary school one of the things I wanted to be when I grew up was an artist (mind you, super secret agent spy was on that list, too). I wouldn't say I'm good at art--drawing is not my forte, and I'm not sure how wowed I'd be by a museum full of paintings--but I love the creativity of it all, and Instagram--bookstagram--has been such a grand outlet for that.

This ties into bookstagram a bit, in that blogging has been an outlet for creativity. But really, it's an outlet for a lot of things: raving about books, writing something, putting my voice into the void. Blogging isn't always easy, but how many parts of life that stick with us really are?

All you wonderful people who can freaking draw and bring what's on paper to life in a whole other form? I hate you, I envy you, and I worship you. But I also thank you for killing me with all the amazing things you paint and draw and put in pretty fonts (but I don't thank you for all the drooling you make me do).

I'd like to thank Goodreads for telling me about new books, keeping track of ALL the books, and recording what I've read and when I've read it.

One of the absolute best things to come from this bookish corner of the world/universe/internet is friends. Friends who understand why I'm screaming at a book, swooning over That Page, or want to throw a book across the room. They get books, we get books, and in the end we get friends both off the page and on it.

those people who
...Name all the characters from a book in their review because I FORGOT OKAY and when I'm scrolling through all the Goodreads review trying to find that damn character's name and there's almost always one person who named them and I (and my sanity and laziness) thank that person so, so much.

For reading this post, for taking the time out of your day to read what I have to say--thank you, thank you, thank you.

What bookish things are you thankful for?


  1. How did I forget Goodreads on my list!! I am very thankful for them. Love your Bookstagram account!!! Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  2. I forgot to add Instagram, Goodreads and Blogging to my list but still I am very thankful for them. I really enjoy your list.

    Here is my TTT @


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