Nov 27, 2016

The Weekly Forecast (16)

Welcome to a weekly feature of sorts here on Beauty and the Bookshelf: The Weekly Forecast! I've been reworking the blog a bit, trying to post more and be consistent, but also to post more than reviews and the same two memes every week (assuming I even post anything during a week). Then I thought of The Weekly Forecast, a way to recap what I did on the blog the week before, and then to forecast what will be on the blog the coming week. The latter could be helpful because it keeps me in check, kind of: if I tell you I'm going to post a review this week then now I basically have to post a review this week. But first: let me tell you what happened on the blog last week.

I usually explain why I didn't get all my intended posts up, but you know what? This week was Thanksgiving and I'm not going to worry about it. (But oh my gosh, that black sheep discussion post is never going to happen.)


Monday: Review: A Torch Against the Night

Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday

Wednesday: Waiting on Wednesday

I finished Mira Grant's Chimera and the Parasitology trilogy (unfortunately), returned to Graffiti Moon and finished it, read P.S. I Like You, gobbled up Jennifer Park's The Shadows We Know by Heart, and now I'm reading Caraval.


Monday: Review: Graffiti Moon

Tuesday: My Big Fat Reading Mistake

Wednesday: Ninety Second Novel: The Shadows We Know by Heart

Thursday: Books on the Screen (tentative post)

Friday: November Recap

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving (and shopped 'til you dropped)!

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