Sep 20, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday (175)

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This Tuesday's theme is...

I love books, but I also really, really love music and have a hard time functioning without it. And when it comes to writing (or, to be more accurate, the story that's been living in my head for years and needs to be written down), a lot of world building, scenes, and character actions stem from what I picture when I hear a certain song. Basically, music is my muse. I listen to a wide variety (and to the dismay of people who drive with me, I flip through like seventeen stations and constantly skip through my ancient iPod's shuffle until I find a song I want), and today I'm going to focus on scores.

Scores. are. beautiful. They're the soundtrack to a scene, the beat to each step, the pulse of the heart, and they call to me. I don't always sit still when listening to my music; I'm either singing (fantastically, of course) and/or moving some part of my body, most likely acting like I'm the conductor weaving each note through each instrument and making magic. (You should see me listen to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo" and "Wizards in Winter--Instrumental.") So this topic is really hard for me because I'm only picking ten eleven tracks from scores (and only one per score), and I could list a million and surely I'm missing an utmost favorite (I almost forgot like three okay). But for now, here are ten score tracks that I am very, very much in love with.

Braveheart, "'Freedom'/The Execution Bannockburn"

Dragonheart, "Finale"

Pocahontas, "Farewell"

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, "Run Free"

Dinosaur, "The Carnotaur Attack"

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, "You're That Spider Guy"

Beauty and the Beast, "Transformation"

The Social Network, "Hand Covers Bruise"

Super 8, "Letting Go"

Peter Pan, "I Do Believe in Fairies"

Gladiator, "Now We Are Free"

I 100% totally would've included "The Boy Who Swallowed a Star" from Howl's Moving Castle, but finding the originals of that soundtrack on YouTube is hard.

Do you have any good score recommendations?


  1. As I remember it the Pocahontas music is pretty and I can vaguely recall the 'I Do Believe in Fairies' thing in Peter Pan, which is indeed pretty. Soundtracks are normally my "thing," but the one I am obsessed with is Into the Woods and specifically the track 'Agony.' :)

  2. I love your list :-) Got to love Pocahontas.

  3. I love the Beauty and the Beast score!!

  4. I love the Disney soundtracks (and Beauty and the Beast is a favourite) the music is always to beautiful. I'm also really enjoying the Outlander score at the moment.

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  5. Beauty and the Beast (and almost every Disney score)!

  6. Oh, what an awesome list!! Some of my favourite movies are on this list :) Music is so very important, it just sets the mood so perfectly. When it works, it works, and when the soundtrack doesn't, well, you can quickly tell! :)

  7. Spirit has such an awesome soundtrack!
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  8. I'm so happy to see Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron make your list! I loved that movie and it's soundtrack!


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