Aug 4, 2016

New On My Bookstagram Feed

You know what I love? BOOKSTAGRAM. Despite the fact that Instagram has been a major bitch lately and needs to pull its head out of its ass, it is, at the core, something beautiful. It's an opportunity to get creative and artistic just for fun, and you can see the variety in every single account.

I'm constantly following new accounts, and what I follow has a vast range. It might be the lighting or filtering, a certain element or the use of minimalism. I love aesthetics, and I almost immediately follow bookstagram accounts that also use lettering, calligraphy, and the like. Since I'm a snob and am particular about what I'll have on my own account, I don't do shoutouts, but I have posted about my favorite accounts here and there and sometimes I'll share them on Twitter. Today I'm sharing nine of my favorite recent follows, and hopefully you'll find some new follows, too!










Which bookstagram accounts are your favorites?

1 comment:

  1. I love the awellwornstory account! I find that I follow a wide variety too ... I really like breadcoffeebooks, booksugar, & therusticwindow to just name a few :)


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