Aug 20, 2016

For the Tote: A Court of Mist and Fury - Part 1

For the Tote is a sporadic feature here on Beauty and the Bookshelf where I, in short, post about a few things (or more!) I would like to fill a tote up with.

Today's theme is...

A Court of Mist and Fury

Maybe you've heard of this book. It's the sequel to Sarah J. Maas's A Court of Thorns and Roses and it is CURSED BY THE CAULDRON. It's also pretty freaking amazing and is, in fact, everything. (You can find my review here.) If you're like me you're just a LITTLE BIT OBSESSED with ACOMAF. Just a little bit. And if you're like me you need to be in possession of all things ACOMAF. HENCE THE REASON FOR THIS POST.

I have compiled, just for you, a list of a shitload of things you can buy that are related to ACOMAF. (Your bank account is going to hate me, sorry not sorry.) This is, however, only PART ONE. That's because a) there's a lot of stuff and b) this post has already taken forever and is a day later than I wanted it to be and I'm tired of putting it together. But part two will be coming SOON! For now here's a bunch of candles, bookmarks, and fanart you can buy. Oh, and the best part about the fanart is that most of it's on Society6 and/or Redbubble--so you can buy all the things on all the things. Your bedroom could basically be Velaris. YOU'RE WELCOME. And I hope you find some things to buy.




Christie Nelson: "Night Triumphant" | "High Lord and High Lady" | "Azriel" // Meabhd: "Mates" | "Starfall"
"Feyre and Rhysand" // Introvertedpeg: "Feyrhys Art Nouveau" // bloodydamnit: "Chapter 55" // 
annehbird: "Feysand" // Ailsa-miller: "Feyre" // EllunaArts: "To The Stars Who Listen"

If you could buy ONE thing from this list, what would it be? (I actually already own some bookmarks and PhantomRin's "Night Lord & Lady" print. Next I'm buying Charlie Bowater's "The Court of Dreams" print--I already have a frame for it!)


  1. These are some awesome collections aww! I would have collected candles and art prints <3

  2. Rhysand has my heart. Love this post!

  3. Wow thanks for adding me to your list! I hope one day you can buy allllll the things!


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