Jul 12, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday (170)

is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This Tuesday's theme is...

You'll find that the following facts about myself aren't very serious or personal, and that's because I don't like talking about those kinds of thing. So this is more fun and quirky (at least, I think it is)! It's a little hodge podge collection of facts that make me, well, me. And I've actually done something kind of like this before, except that they were more like interviews. With myself. (Or, possibly, my evil twin Begonia.) They are here and here. I hope you enjoy! (And that you come back again soon.)

1. I have a freckle on the bottom of my left foot.

2. I once waited in line for seven hours (and drove a total of six) to meet Stephenie Meyer and get ten books signed (two personalized).

3. My hair has been just about every color, except maybe orange. (I've been working on silver for like eight months; it's a pain in the ass and proving to be impossible to perfect.) I'm also an advocate for long and badass nails.

4. I sucked my thumb until I was in fourth grade. I finally stopped when my mom said I could have whatever I wanted if I did. I chose to get parakeets.

5. I'm a volunteer at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA.

6. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people call everything a monkey (they're all primates, not monkeys) and say oranguTANG instead of the proper oranguTAN.

7. I really love Instagram/bookstagram (you can find mine here) and would love to find a job where I can utilize it, and I also want to learn graphic design, how to draw so I can make fanart, and all the lettering.

8. I used to want to go to school for zoology (and I still do so I can be a zookeeper or the next Jane Goodall), but then I read a little book called Twilight and fell into the world of reading and writing and haven't been able to leave it since. That was eight years ago. Last month I got my BA in Professional and Creative Writing.

9. I do have a work in progress, but I really struggle with writing it down. It lives in my head and tends to be awoken with its scene-creating music. I don't talk about it much, but it involves fantasy and history and Scotland and fairy tales and villains and a Braveheart song is a thing for it and an M83 song would be the music in the movie trailer.

10. Sometimes I wonder if I'm blogging to an empty room and if the effort is worth it.

Tell me a fun fact about yourself!


  1. I always feel like I'm blogging to an empty room. I'm clearly obsessed with bookstagram. I loved your teal hair the best. Yay for Stephenie Meyer.

    Random fact about me: I have my nails done in my own special version of a french manicure. Where the white would be, it's red glitter...except on my middle fingers where it's black. People often assume they're holiday nails and I hate it. What, like I can't be obsessed with glitter if it's not Christmas or 4th of July?

  2. I love your hair colours! So pretty. Lovely to get to know you more.

  3. I love how reading changed your whole career direction. That's so cool! And wow.. driving that far and standing in line for that long - that's devotion!!!

  4. You're definitely not blogging to an empty room. I love your blog and the personality you bring into it!

    Also, I totally sucked my thumb until third grade...when my parents had the dentist put this crazy poker thing in my mouth! Every time I'd try to suck my thumb, it'd get stabbed...so I quickly was trained to stop, haha.

  5. I love your hair! I really want to dye my hair fun colors again, but I'm not so sure how things would work out right now. Great to learn more about you!

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    Lizzie Big Books and Grande Lattes

  6. I love your hair! I wish I was brave enough to attempt that.
    I feel like I'm blogging to an empty room sometimes also.


  7. Ah! I forgot you were in Seattle, too! That's amazing that you volunteer at Woodland Park Zoo. What a dream!
    Also- love that you held out for parakeets with the thumb-sucking, you mercenary, you.
    Also also, there has to be some position at the corner of Zoology and Creative Writing. And I bet you find it.


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