Jun 7, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday (169)

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I'll be completely honest with you: I used to turn away from Middle Grade novels because I didn't think they were at my level. I don't mean it in a negative or insulting way; I just like a certain level of maturity in my novels (and no, I'm not just talking about kissing), and I thought Middle Grade would lack that. (Also middle school was the worst, let's poof those two years away forever and ever.) But then there were a few Middle Grade synopses I simply could not resist and I gave Middle Grade a whirl and a chance. And you know what? I was so, so wrong. Now, I've only managed to read a few Middle Grade novels, but I have yet to be disappointed. Therefore I am presenting ten reasons why you--yes, you--should give Middle Grade novels a try.

They have some of the best concepts

No, but seriously. Middle Grade has concepts that are totally worthy of a jowl full of drool. A story about Captain Hook's daughter? Magical horses? A stellar child thief? Spirits in Tokyo? A missing sister possibly turned into a fox? A story that begins when two skunks steal a boy's old trike? A shapeshifting boy who isn't a werewolf? 'Nuff said.

Have you seen the covers?

The characters are the best

I adore characters in MG novels, absolutely adore them. And honestly? Sometime it's the secondary characters that stand out the most. (I'm looking at you, Fife Dulcet.)  And it's not often that a whole cast of characters can be so fantastic, but MG novels pull it off constantly.

There's a sense of innocence

There's something very, very relatable and real about characters in MG novels. Perhaps it's because they're at that age that's just after child but just before teenager or young adult. It can be a shaky spot to be, but damn if these characters (like Ana, for example) aren't real as hell.

They're ridiculously fun

The voice is strong

Oh my gosh. The voices. They're unique to every story but strong every single time. I've read only a few Middle Grade books--My Life is a Zoo series, Hook's Revenge duology, and The Water and the Wild--and one of their best qualities is their voices. I'm big on voice, and so are these books.

They have the best settings

Honestly, MG books are set everywhere and anywhere, and that's pretty damn fantastic. Down an apple tree? Neverland? In a mall with a gorilla? CHECK.

Their authors are pretty cool too

Do you follow any Middle Grade authors on Twitter? Because you should. They're the actual best.

They're engaging page-turners

I don't know why I'm constantly surprised by how easy it is to fall into a Middle Grade book, because it happens pretty much every time. It's probably because of the awesome combination of writing, voice, worldbuilding, and characters. And let me tell you: sometimes a MG book just hits the spot.


Remember how said my problem with MG had nothing to do with kissing? I SLIGHTLY LIED. Middle Grade books are Middle Grade books so they never go very far--and by very far I mean they go like nowhere--and it's the most beautifully frustrating thing ever because THEY HAVE THE BEST SHIPS. Like, can't they at least play Spin the Book or 7 Minutes in Heaven and have fate put my ship together?
Be completely honest: What do you think of Middle Grade books?


  1. I've recently been getting more into middle grade books! :-) I totally agree with your reasons!

  2. Middle grade books can be such fun. I love Diana Wynne Jones's The Game, The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani, Doll Bones by Holly Black, The Great Unexpected by Sharon Creech... I could go on and on and on. Great topic. My TTT

  3. Middle grade does have some of the best covers out there. Wonderful list!

  4. I think a good book is a good book and it doesn't matter if it's YA or adult or MG. I've read some great MG books. Great topic!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/07/top-ten-tuesday-60/

  5. I really like them and now that I am blogging I hope to review at least one MG sci-fi or fantasy audiobook each month

    My TTT list


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