May 31, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday (168)

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This Tuesday's theme is...

I don't really brings book to the beach--well, except for when I go to the lake, but that's rare--because sand + water + books = a bad mix (and I usually have dogs with me, and that just makes the mix even worse). Buuuut I definitely have reads to recommend for the beach! I could've very easily made this list purely contemporary, but I decided to switch it up a bit and add in some beach reads that aren't so obvious. These books definitely deserve your love. Just don't get too much sand in their spines!

In Too Deep // This is basically a YA version of Fool's Gold and it's super fun and beach perfect.

Three Day Summer // So this takes place at Woodstock, not the beach, but it totally encapsulates summer and immerses you in the rockin' setting.

My Life Next Door // It's only one of the best contemporaries in the history of ever, so.

Fish Out of Water // The title is a little deceiving to its beachiness, but this is such a fun, cute, and underrated contemporary.

The Distance Between Us // IT'S SO FLUFFY and possibly cuter than that baby seal over there, believe it or not (and, wow, I really want to reread this right now).

Blackhearts // It's the origin story of Blackbeard and is very reminiscent of Poldark, need I say more?

Damage Done // Excellent, excellent thriller that's so engrossing you might get a sunburn because you forget about the boiling hot sun, whoops.

We Were Liars // A gritty-ish, hazy-like contemporary that was screaming to be on this list.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns // This series is fanfreakingtastic and this is light enough with a desert setting that it'd be very fitting for the beach (but you'll be very afraid of it getting ruined).

A Court of Mist and Fury // Because this book belongs E V E R Y W H E R E, like tattooed all over my body.

What books are in your beach bag?


  1. I'm SO glad I put Damage Done on my library list this week!! Can't wait until it's in!!

  2. I really enjoyed The Distance Between Us! Great list- so many good beach reads :-)

  3. Seriously great list :) I cannot wait to start ACOMAF. I plan to reread the first one and binge the second one during our move. I'll have no internet access so perfect time to get lost in SJM :)
    Kasie West and Huntley Fitzpatrick make perfect summer reads :) Now I want to do a reread!!
    My TTT

  4. I have ACOMAF, but I'm not really in a place where I want to read it at the moment. I have other books that I'm just more excited for, but I will get to it at some point! I really want to get Blackhearts, it sounds like such a great book.
    My TTT:

  5. I loved We Were Liars so much! It was such a great book. I've been meaning to check out My Life Next Door for quite a while. It sounds so amazing.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian


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