May 17, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday (166)

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The topic this week is a little open to interpretation, but I think it actually works well for me! With school and life and always being busy, I haven't had the chance to read much--I just don't have the time, or I haven't been in the mood to read. Hence why I've become a major mood reader. It's not good for my review books, but if I don't read what I really want to read then I'm going to have to force myself through a book and that's going to hurt my opinion of the book. (But I'll tell you, right now YA contemporaries and I are not getting along and I will worship the contemporary that fixes that.) Since I've been a mood reader I'm picking up whatever, but since I haven't read or loved much this year I'll be pulling some on-a-whim reads from last year, too. ("On a whim" basically meaning that I wasn't obligated to read the book when I read it.) I do graduate in less than a month, so hopefully I can get more books read soon!

Undead // I picked this up because it's part of a book club challenge and I was in the mood for something utterly meaningless, but oh my gosh, I didn't expect to like it so damn much. I basically LOVE IT. And I immediately picked up the sequel, so that says something.

Rebel of the Sands // I received an ARC of this from a giveaway and just decided to start it for fun. I've been slumpish lately and was just kind of eh toward reading. But this book reminded me what it's like to be so in to a book again, and I loved that.

Me Before You // I didn't get along with this book at first. I did not like the writing. But then I was suddenly used to it and I could not put the book down for one second.

This Is Our Story // I rarely read ARCs early, but I started this one almost immediately after I got it a couple months ago. AND IT WAS SO GOOD. THAT PLOT TWIST.

The Anatomical Shape of Heart // This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2016, buuut I didn't read it until the very end of the year. I know I said I'm not getting along with contemporaries, but at this time I wasn't. Plus this--this is a good, more-than-fluff contemporary.

The Last Time We Say Goodbye // This is sad, but I could read those last two pages over and over and over again.

Three Day Summer // WOODSTOCK. Need I say more? It was so fun and refreshing, and it really immersed you in the festival scene.

Damage Done // I literally picked this up on a whim. I'd heard things about it and I just had the urge to read it. And my gosh, Amanda Panitch can write a fucking thriller.

Everything, Everything // The writing and format really helped to push this story along and make it very, very hard to put down.

Blackhearts // I read my ARC a few months early for funsies and was positively surprised at how addicting it was. Putting it down was painful. AND THAT ENDING.

I'm going to give an honorable mention to five books I picked up around the beginning of last year--Grave Mercy, Dark Triumph, and the Fire and Thorns trilogy--because doing so was THE BEST DECISION EVER because they were so. damn. good.

Aaand now I want to go finally pick up Mortal Heart on a whim. So it goes.

What are the best books you've picked up on a whim?


  1. Really want to read Me Before You soon, and also, YAY for Blackhearts. I've been curious about that one for a long while now. :)

    BTW, great blog title and design! :)

  2. I adore Me Before You :-) It really is a special book and I'm glad that you got on with it eventually! You've read a lot of good books on a whim!

  3. Rebel in the Sands is on my TBR pile. So glad to know it helped you out of a reading slump. Can't wait for my turn.
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  4. Damage Done is one that I MUST NOT FORGET ABOUT. I've been wanting to read it. And now I kind of want to read The Undead. I mean, the cover LOL!!!

  5. I've been wanting to get my hands on both This is our story and Rebel in the Sands. They both look so good!

  6. I've had Me Before You, for like TWO years,and I STILL haven't read it! I should be ashamed! :| Hopefully I will get to it soon! :D
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  7. Three Day Summer looks adorable and is definitely getting added to my TBR. Great List!

  8. You picked up some awesome books on a whim. I absolutely loved Rebel of the Sands and Night Owls/The Anatomical Shape of a Heart, those were both incredible. Great list :) You can check out my post here.

  9. UGH! Why is "Me Before You" everywhere tempting me? I don't want to read it! I don't want to be sad! But I keep seeing it and wanting it. I have a feeling I'm going to end up reading it anyway before the year is up. I'll just have to emotionally prepare myself. Great list!

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  10. Rebel of The Sands is one of my favourite books I've read this year! It was so great!
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  11. Your review sold me on Undead!! On the wishlist it goes. :) I have Me Before You sitting on my kindle...gonna try to get to it before the movie comes out, fingers crossed!!

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