May 10, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday (165)

is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This Tuesday's theme is...

I'm actually very excited about this week's topic because last time there was something like this it was all about books--which is great! But I have ALL THESE ACCOUNTS I want people to know about, and this week I can tell you all about them. Well, some of them (I follow a lot, okay). My Instagram feed is filled with books, art, lettering, animals, various shops, and some humans. And today I'm going to share ten with you that you should totally follow, and one Tumblr blog because THE ART.


Oh my gosh, J U N I P E R. She's not just a fox as a pet--her owners constantly explain that foxes are not pets and what her situation is, which is fantabulous. But, you guys: I REALLY, REALLY WANT A FOX. I mean, LOOK AT HER. And when I see her wearing that collar I get such Todd feels I CAN'T.


Like Juniper, Pumpkin is a pet that's not meant to be a pet and the situation is constantly explained. But damn. Pumpkin has personality. I LOVE THIS RACCON. He is the B E S T.


I follow several (several several) dog accounts on Instagram, but what I love about this one is the name (genius), the "wolf," that most of the pictures are local (which is pretty cool), and that it's freaking photography. Such lovely photos. I wish my dogs were this photogenic.


I love: the shop, the style, THE CAT, and the BRIGHTNESS and the COLORS.


 I just really, really love this style, and how are people so talented?


I follow a few nail artist accounts on Instagram! But I chose to showcase Chaun because it's one of the first I followed and his work? Classy as fuck.


So, here's the deal with Picolo. Lately he's been posting his #nostalgiaseries which is FREAKING FANTASTIC. Look at Ed, Edd, and Eddy, and the RUGRATS, and Johnny Bravo! And oh my gosh, there's another drawing of Raven and Beast Boy just below these and my need to watch Teen Titans is STRONG. Buuuuuuut if you scroll farther down his feed you'll find something called #icarusandthesun, a comic book/graphic novel thing he's doing. And it is STUNNING.


I really stalk PhantomRin on Twitter (like, a lot) because I looooooove seeing what she draws. I really need to read the Red Rising and Blood of Eden series because of her art. Also, she's done a few character cards for the Thirteen from Throne of Glass and it KILLS ME.


I've become super obsessed with calligraphy and pretty fonts and lettering, and this is just one of the accounts I follow and then gawk at with awe and jealousy whenever said work pops up on my feed.


Jess isn't like other art I follow--hers is more realistic and scientific. It looks freaking real and she does it all with pencils and watercolors and stuff. I can't IMAGINE being able to do such a thing.


I discovered projectnelm when I found this glorious gem of my SHIP Dorian and Manon:
And now I LITERALLY check her Tumblr MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY to see if she's posted any new art. A lot of what she posts is Dragon Age, and I don't play games like that but her freaking fantastic art makes me want to so, SO bad.

What are your favorite non-bookish accounts and sites around the web?


  1. Juniper and Pumpkin are AMAZING (even though I do struggle with the fox thing - I live in an area where foxes are real pests and cause so many problems... but Juniper... so lovely).

    Here's my TTT (heavy on the delicious food links) -

  2. Oooooooooo lots of new people for me to follow on Instagram I thinks! I love the animal ones at the beginning, I actually follow a dog 'airportk9' on Instagram who works at an airport. Such amazing pictures of him, plus he is super adorable! I really like laneybelldesigns from your list. Have just followed :)

  3. Juniper and Pumpkin are so cute!! We've had a few foxes near us and I just want to go pet them because they're so cute but I have a feeling I'd have one less hand if I tried. These accounts are gorgeous! Thanks for all the new accounts to follow!

  4. ooo I love LaneyBellDesigns' look!!! Thanks :) My TTT

  5. Wow - all these are so gorgeous and creative and inspiring! Thanks for sharing.


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