Apr 25, 2016

Cover Reveal: The Doorway and the Deep by K.E. Ormsbee

Hello, hello! When Kathryn asked me if I'd like to help reveal the cover for The Doorway and the Deep--AND the redesigned cover of its predecessor, The Water and the Wild--OF COURSE I SAID YES. I adored the fantastmical The Water and the Wild (you can see my review here, if you'd like) and I have been forever waiting for news on book two. AND IT'S FINALLY HERE! I am so, so excited to share these covers with you on behalf of K.E. Orsmbee and Chronicle Books, but I fear I must warn you: you're going to need a handkerchief or sleeve to wipe up your drool.



Weeeeeeelllllllll, you're going to have to wait just another moment (NO PEEKING), because first up is a little interview with Kathyrn!

RachelWithout spoiling The Water and the Wild or The Doorway and the Deep, how would you describe the latter in three words?

Kathryn: Are nouns okay? Because . . .


RachelWas writing a sequel different from writing a first novel? Easier? Harder?

Kathryn: It was definitely different—easier in some respects, harder in others. Unlike The Water and the Wild, which was my first agented and published book, I didn’t have years to brainstorm, outline, and write the sequel. I was under a pretty tight deadline. For me, the entire month of October 2014 is a blur of pumpkins and Northerly shenanigans. So in that respect, it was harder.             

But in so many ways it was even more fun to write a sequel! I may have been on a deadline, but the writing process was much easier the second time around. Since I’d already introduced many main characters in The Water and the Wild, I had the chance to really tease out their personalities and relationships. One of my favorite things about series, both literary and televised, is that they give you the chance to really know the characters. Those characters start to feel as familiar as your own friends, and you get to dig deep into all their flaws and idiosyncrasies. So I loved putting Lottie, Oliver, Fife, and Adelaide in new situations and watching them grow. In the same way, I’d already established the world of Limn, so this second book gave me a chance to paint an even more detailed picture of the landscape and magic.

RachelI’m going to assume that all the important characters will be back in The Doorway and the Deep (ahem, #FifeandtheNortherliesFTMFW), but what about new characters?

Kathryn: Haha, yesss. All the important characters will be back, Fife included! And speaking of Northerlies, you’ll meet lots of them in this book—handsome sailors, rugged cave-dwellers, spies, and even the infamous Rebel Gem. And maybe you’ll meet some more of the Barghest pack? I dunno, MAYBE.

There’s also a new royal Wisp on the scene, and the evil King Starkling has a new right-hand sprite named Iolanthe, who is bad news. And there will be even more magical creatures who make their first appearances on Lottie’s journey north.

RachelEarlier you described three things about The Doorway and the Deep—could you also tell us three things about it?

Kathryn: There are new apple trees and new gengas!
There is KISSING.
It ends on a cliffhanger. I’m really sorry ahead of time.

RachelWhat did you sacrifice to the cover gods?

Kathryn: A kidney, some bone marrow, and my SOUL. No, but really, I feel so lucky that the covers of both The Water and the Wild and The Doorway and the Deep received so much care and attention. The new art is by Erwin Madrid, who I think did an amazing job capturing the magic in both books. If you like his style, you should check out his blog!

AND NOW, the moment you've all been waiting for...

Ladies and gentlemen, Northerlies and Southerlies, I present to you the cover for K.E. Ormsbee's The Doorway and the Deep, releasing October 4, 2016 from Chronicle Books!

Travel back to the enchanting and treacherous land of Limn, where Lottie Fiske has escaped the murderous Southerly King for the time being—but other perils are hard on her heels. War is coming to the beautiful world of magic that Lottie has come to love. Events are pushing her to the North, where many answers—about her parents and her abilities—await. But the road north is full of dangers, and the answers to her questions may be more dangerous still. 

Likened to the works of E. Nesbit, Frances Hodgson Burnett, and C. S. Lewis, K. E. Ormsbee's vividly imagined world will appeal to readers who have been down the rabbit hole or through the wardrobe, and to anyone who has ever been braver than they thought they were.

Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | IndieBound

And here are a few words from Kathryn about this lovely (and oh my gosh colorful) cover:

"The cover art is by the wildly talented Erwin Madrid and captures a scene from the latter part of the book. I am still in love with Elsa Mora's original paper cut work, but it was exciting to see a new perspective and rendering of Lottie, in a different medium. That's her genga, Trouble, hanging out nearby. And that's a sail made of gossamer! I'm awed by the use of light in both this art and the redesign; I think they perfectly capture the magic of Limn."

But wait, there's more! The Water and the Wild's paperback got a redesign, and it too will be publishing on October 4, 2016!

For as long as Lottie Fiske can remember, the only people who seem to care about her have been her best friend, Eliot, and the mysterious letter-writer who sends her birthday gifts. But now strange things and people are arriving on the island Lottie calls home, and Eliot’s getting sicker, with a disease the doctors have given up trying to cure. Lottie is helpless, useless, powerless.

And then a door opens in the apple tree.

Follow Lottie down through the apple roots to another world—a world of magic both treacherous and beautiful—in pursuit of the impossible: a cure for the incurable, a use for the useless, and protection against the pain of loss.

Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | IndieBound!

Kathryn (K.E.) Ormsbee writes Middle Grade and Young Adult books. Her debut novel, The Water and the Wild, is a Middle Grade fantasy published by Chronicle Books in April 2015, with a sequel to follow in Fall 2016. Her YA debut, Lucky Few, will be published by Simon & Schuster in Summer 2016.

In her wild, early years, Kathryn taught English as a Foreign Language, interned with a film society, and did a lot of irresponsible road tripping. Her crowning achievement is that the back of her head was in an iPhone commercial, and people actually paid her money for it.

Nowadays, she teaches piano lessons, plays in a band you've never heard of, and run races she never wins. She likes clothes from the 60s, music from the 70s, and movies from the 80s. She is from the 90s.

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 I don't know about you, but I am so excited for this book. Pretty cover! KISSING! Fife (#FifeandtheNortherliesFTMFW)! Thank you so much for stopping by to check out these covers, and may the odds be ever in your favor to win the book!


  1. the book sounds really interesting and that cover redesign! GAH SO PRETTY!!
    oh and hi! i'm a new reader¬ (been kinda scared to say hello)

  2. These covers are gorgeous!!!! Thank you so much for the chance. Also: your blog is phenomenal :)

  3. I love the cover! Creative to another parallel world. <33


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