Mar 28, 2016

Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza - My Dream Easter Basket

Hello, all! Welcome to DAY  NINE of Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza! It's the penultimate post, people--WE ARE ALMOST DONE! This extravaganza is a three-week long partay consisting of blog posts that will hopefully do a number of things: get you back into blogging and remind you how fun and creative blogging can be. To learn more about this shindig (all the cool kids are doing it, just an FYI), you can check out the introduction post here and join in anytime!

Now, for today's festivities:

Here's the prompt: March 27 is Easter, and Easter, among other things, means a bunny delivers you a basket filled with goodies. What would be in your basket? And please, feel free to make our wallets weep because we will want All The Things and need them Immediately.

OR, you can Tell Us Your Ways: As we all know, blogging isn't easy. Sometimes it's hard to write a post, other times it's hard to stay organized and keep up with everything that goes into blogging--it's almost like you need a system to help keep the flow going. If you have any methods to help make blogging work and keep it the most enjoyable and actually do stuff, please share your ways and cheat sheet!

The Easter Bunny doesn't visit me anymore, so here is MY BASKET MADE OF DREAMS OF POSSIBILITIES (but I'm not getting too outrageous because come on people). Also it's almost my birthday so HELLO, MUMSY.

The Thirteen tote bag | A Magic Dark and Bright | Spirited Away | Tyrannosaurus rex head | Spirited Away Haku kimono | Court of Terrasen pilllow | Wendy Darling: Stars | Wolf Children | Peter + Wendy earrings | not pictured but also sweets because sweets:

What's in your Easter basket? Or are you sharing your ways of sorcery? Also, AHHH, one post left!


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