Mar 14, 2016

Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza - If I Were a Fictional Character

Hello, all! Welcome to DAY  THREE of Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza! (Do you feel the burn yet?) This extravaganza is three-week long partay consisting of blog posts that will hopefully do a number of things: get you back into blogging and remind you how fun and creative blogging can be. To learn more about this shindig (all the cool kids are doing it, just an FYI), you can check out the introduction post here and join in anytime!

Now, for today's festivities:

Here's the promptMarch 14 is, in fact, Pi Day, but I couldn't think of how to mix books with math (except for how much money we spend on them). But then I got to thinking of smart characters, and our favorite geeky and nerdy characters (not a bad thing to be), and then I went back to this idea: being an actual fictional character. Perhaps it's you being one of your favorite fictional characters; what would life be like? Or maybe create a persona or alter ego of yourself based off fictional characters, or making yourself a fictional character to be with or defeat other fictional characters. Let your imagination run wild.

OR, you can Do a Book TagThere are these things going around the blogosphere called book tags. It's basically some idea or subject, and then you put books into their categories, matching them up. Here are just a few tags I found that you can do, or you can make your own!

Note: Some of these are YouTube videos, which you don't have to do, and the questions should be under the video's info.

Without further adieu: me as a fictional character.

First and foremost, there is a map. It is the most glorious of glorious maps, and the most mappiest. When your eyes gaze upon it you will cry tears of gold, that is how glorious it is.

There is of course an OTP/ship, because, HELLO, do you know who you're talking to? But Fictional Me is a polygamist because she can't pick one book boyfriend and you people pick Rowan over Chaol, why so have fun, shippers. (I will make millions off the merch for various ships.)

Fictional Me will NEVER let out a breath she didn't know she was holding.

This character is just your average twenty-something with the maturity of a five year old, the in-the-gutter mind of a teenager, but is probably, like, eighteen or something. Oh, and Fictional Me is a fucking badass bitch, just like many of my favorite, assassin-y characters. Fictional Me is also very much not afraid to spill your blood.

Fictional Me definitely has a really cool animal sidekick, and all readers love the animal sidekick and do special dances and rituals in the hopes that no harm ever comes to the animal sidekick. Animal sidekick is really badass, so maybe a dragon. Or a leopard. Or a wolf. It loves Fictional Me, and any enemies will quiver at the sight of the animal sidekick.

Fictional Me has the most envious wardrobe, and the majority of her clothes are black. Her hair is whatever color and style she wishes it to be, her hair never gets damaged from constantly changing it, and her hair color stays in and stays vibrant until she doesn't want it to, damn it. Fictional Me also has tattoos because Fictional Me is freaking cool. Really, Fictional Me is like a villain...but in a good way.

There is a kingdom queendom. It is a magical and fantasmical fantasy land akin to Neverland (because Neverland) and Morganville, Texas (because that place is like home) and The Enchanted Castle (because that library) and the worlds of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki (because they are amazing).

There is an adventure and plot twists and no one dies except your favorite because fiction can be cruel. Fictional Me has the most amazing friends and together they OWN THE WORLD and all are pleased under their rule, except evil bastards, but that's okay because they don't matter.

The Princess Bride, Taylor Swift (aside from "Bad Blood" because hello, jam), raisins, natural disasters, slow drivers, alarm clocks, and obnoxious creepy crawlies do not exist in this world.

There are swordfights and some blood and romance and swooning and fancy dresses and more blood and badass boots and the most excellent of weaponry and even more blood and the most scrumptious blood to ever exist in the history of ever.

If it were to be a movie, Mel Gibson would be the director (a la Braveheart) and James Horner would not be dead and would do the score.

The soundtrack is quite spectacular.

And then, in the morning, I wake up, turn the page, and go on yet another adventure.

What would your life be like if you were a fictional character? Did you a participate in a book tag today? Be sure to link up!


  1. Fictional me would probably live in a Historical novel...Iʻd say old Hawaii, during the time of the monarchy. Or possibly New York City in the early 1900s. Also probably during the 1960s because of the fashion and the Beatles.
    Fictional me would probably be monogamous, possibly in a long distance type relationship with a military dude. No silly love triangles least, so fictional me thinks! Haha.

    This is fun! I did a book tag, but I think I might use the fictional character one as a journal prompt tonight.

  2. Woah, your fictional you is definitely bad-ass. I'm SO with you on the animal sidekick, but I want mine to be like Bumbersnoot from the Finishing School series :) I also like the hair color changing. Maybe fictional you can be like Tonks from Harry Potter (oh wait, I'm now thinking you are one of those ppl who have not read HP... well, Tonks' ability would be perfect for fictional you).

  3. I like your character! I'm pretty certain if I were a fictional character I would be a dude. I did a tag today and it only seemed appropriate that we all tag you. So you have now been tagged in the Totally Should've Book Tag!

  4. Nice, and I love how you took care of the whole shipping problem by just being a polygamist. :)

  5. Your character is pretty much amazing!

  6. I love fictional Rachel as much as the original ;)
    I don't have much time this week because of uni *sobs* so I'll be going around everyone else's posts but probably won't be able to write many of my own. Everyone's fictional characters are super awesome though!

  7. HAHAHA I love this! It's so good. I did the book tag option, but after reading this, I may do a fictional character in the future!

    Molly @ Molly's Book Nook


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