Mar 11, 2016

Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza - Inspirational Women in Fiction

Hello, all! Welcome to DAY TWO of Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza! This extravaganza is three-week long partay consisting of blog posts that will hopefully do a number of things: get you back into blogging and remind you how fun and creative blogging can be. To learn more about this shindig (all the cool kids are doing it, just an FYI), you can check out the introduction post here and join in anytime!

Now, for today's festivities:

Here's the promptInternational Women's Day is March 8, so this post is all about women in fiction.

OR, you can post about the Bookish Things You'd Give a Kidney ForMarch 10 is World Kidney Day, and people always talk about giving a kidney for something. SO. What bookish things would you give a kidney for? It doesn't have to be physical objects--get creative! It could be a new book from a favorite author or a ship setting sail or getting an epilogue--the possibilities are endless.

I felt like the second prompt would really just be me screaming about what I want in books (D I N O S A U R S), so I decided to go with the first one. This gives me the chance to tell you all about some of my favorite books and badass characters I wish I was as cool as.

Note: This list is super incomplete, and is mostly filled with characters from novels that aren't very real world. I started putting this together later than I wanted to--and okay, yeah, maybe I fell into a few fanart black holes--and it could definitely use more characters. But for now, these are definitely worthy.

Celaena Sardothien

She goes by multiple names (spoilers emitted), but Celaena Sardothien is the ultimate badass. She's been through so much and yeah, she still falls down sometimes, but she perseveres the hell out of life and constantly kicks its ass. Q U E E N.
Meet her in Throne of Glass.

Manon Blackbeak

Manon is, like, super fucking badass. She will bow down to no man, and she will kick man's ass. You can try to control her, but she will kick off any restraints. (Also, she will eat you.) Yes, she's a witch, but she's one of few witches who's ridiculously inspirational.
Meet her in Heir of Fire.

Verity + Maddie

Talk about a friendship. These two make a sensational team. One is held captive by Hitler's people; the other is fighting a war from the outside and searching for her friend. It's moving and emotional and damn good. And it's all because of these two women.
Meet them in Code Name Verity.

Claire Danvers

When Claire went to college two years early she didn't expect to be thrust into a world of vampires, but she handled it awfully well. Her backpack's now filled with a hundred pounds of textbooks, stakes, and silver. Her boss is a crazy vampire who wants her brain, but it's all good. Claire shows that smart, nerdy girls can be badasses and fighters, too. Let's hear it for us bookish folk!
Meet her in Glass Houses.

Eve Rosser

I used this picture because when I saw it I was like EVE for some reason, but she's actually more goth than this. Full-on white powder face, thick eyeliner, and a wardrobe filled with skulls, spikes, lots of black, and clunky shoes. Here's the thing about Eve though: she's a goth in a town run by vampires. Some would call it a death wish, but for Eve it's telling The Man to suck it (and it's a glaring middle finger). Like Claire for the nerds, Eve shows that, yes, goths can kick ass, too (and that they have the best comeback lines).
Meet her in Glass Houses.

Elisa de Riqueza

Elisa basically lives a life being told what to do, and it's all thanks to a little jewel of a stone that is her belly button. Because of the godstone, Elisa's seen as a sort of symbol. So she gets married off to an older man she doesn't know or love, and she gets several comments on not being the skinniest girl around (because people are assholes), but she fights for those she loves and for her people, and she can be an unstoppable force when she wants to be. Another thing about Elisa: godstone aside, she could be an average girl, but one who kicks ass.
Meet her in The Girl of Fire and Thorns.

Suze Simon

Suze Simon is just your average leather-wearing, boot-loving girl with a sassy mouth who doesn't like to take shit from anyone--except that she sees ghosts. She's a mediator, helping ghosts move on to the other side. But ghosts can be risky business, and Suze constantly puts herself in danger. Really, she's a superhero. She fights potential crime--ghosts out for revenge--saves lives, and helps people--er, dead people--live better lives.
Meet her in Shadowland.

Victoria Darling

Victoria exists in 1909, a time when women of class were expected to fill certain roles--and being an artist wasn't one of them. Not only that, but Vicki also posed nude, which was from proper in that era. Aside from art, Vicki also assists in the start of the Suffragette movement, fighting for not only herself, but women for generations to come.
Meet her in A Mad, Wicked Folly.

Penryn Young

Penryn lives in a post-apocalyptic world run by naughty angels. But if there's one thing Penryn is, it's a fighter. And when angels take her little sister, she risks everything to get her back. And she maybe tries to save the world while she's at it. That's a lot for a teenager to take on, but Penryn can handle it.

Which fictional women do you think are the most inspirational?


  1. Ahaha we both have Celaena! I couldn't help put her in my list. She's just one of those kick ass women I love in fiction, it was meant to be.

  2. I love Penryn and Claire Danvers, though there aren't often many badass fictional women I like. I think it has to do with their mindset toward certain things that just bugs me. Oh well. :)

  3. Suze Simon sounds awesome and I NEED to read Shadowland now!

  4. Suze Simon! I'm so excited she and Jesse are getting another book. I loved that series when I was a kid!

  5. Yes, Suze Simon. I adore that series too. :)

  6. I've only ever read Throne of Glass, so I clearly need to catch up xD

    Molly @ Molly's Book Nook

  7. Code Name Verity! I love Maddie and Julie too.

  8. I agree completely with your list! I love Penryn and Celaena and, well, all of them. I'm really behind on Morganville Vampires though. Gotta catch up!

  9. I did the kidney prompt today, but Celaena would have definitely been on my list! Also, I love that you listed Suze from the mediator series!! Have you read Remembrance yet?

  10. Great post, Rachel! I LOOOOOVE that you included Suze. She's always on my badass ladies lists!

  11. Claire, Eve and Penryn, I cant believe I forgot about them.

  12. I reaaallly need to read Code Name Verity and Girl of Fire and Thorns. Even though the concept of a bellybutton power stone is slightly ridiculous. :P But I love the body positivity!

    CJ @ Sarcasm&Lemons

  13. I still have to start reading the Throne Of Glass series. I have the first three books plus Assassin's Blade on my Kindle, but finding the time is near impossible. I want to read The Girl Of Fire and Thorns, too. My pick for a strong female character would be the MC in the Goose Girl fairytale retelling, Thorn. :)


    Great List! I had an exam so my awesome co-blogger posted her list of Bookish Things she'd give her kidneys for!

    Aditi @


    Great List! I had an exam so my awesome co-blogger posted her list of Bookish Things she'd give her kidneys for!

    Aditi @

  16. I did the Bookish Things You’d Give a Kidney For but I enjoyed your list.


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