Nov 16, 2015

The Shelfie Hop

Do you ever go to someone's house, see a shelf (or two or three) filled with books, and make a beeline for it so you can see what books they have? I always love perusing books--books are, after all, kind of my thing. So when Kristen of My Friends Are Fiction and Crystal of Bookiemoji set up The Shelfie Hop, I was immediately excited. Not only would I get to see so many cool shelves from my fellow bookworms, but I would also be able to show you my shelves. This post is rather long (and messy, oh my gosh) because I'm literally showing you like all my books, but...sorry not sorry? And so, without further adieu: my bookshelves. (And a giveaway!)

But first...a video introduction (and tour of my room).

Before I show you all the shelves up close, I want to point out that this post does not look how I want it to. If you watched my room tour, you saw that "hall" of bookcases. Because they're there, I can't get one picture of an entire bookcase. So I have to take pictures of each shelf individually, and I can't get the photos in a really good quality or at a centered angle because they're not easy to take. The photos aren't up to my standards, so please ignore their quality! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy! (And I'm a crazy book lady, I know.)

As I mentioned in the video, I have sections for my books: I have my main library, sections for ARCs, and a shelf holding additional and foreign editions. I also have a place for school books, picture books, library books, what I'm currently reading, and a stack of books on the floor because I don't have room for them anywhere else. Some shelves have books sitting out--that's because they need to be shelved and it would take a lot of time and effort to do so because my shelves are so squished. My main library is alphabetized (except for where I had to unalphabetize in order to make books, especially extra-large books, fit), while ARCs are organized by release date. Aaand I think that's it. Oh! Except for pictures! (And, yes, a giveaway!)

The Main Library
Shelf One

Favorite Book: ACK. Two of my favorites of the year are on here. Buuut I'll go with Tiger Lily.

Favorite Book: The Naturals trilogy.

Favorite Book: I've only read like four of these, but Vengeance Road.

Favorite Book: The Morganville Vampires.

Favorite Book: I cannot choose between The Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy and The Selection novels.

Shelf Two

Favorite Book: The Girl With a Pearl Earring or Stolen.

Favorite Book: Not fair; The Hunger Games trilogy, the Wereling trilogy, and How to Love are all here.

Favorite Book: The Body Finder series.

Favorite Book: Along for the Ride.

Favorite Book: TOO MANY GOOD ONES.

Shelf Three

Favorite Book: Probably Fear, though I did love The Luxe series...and why the hell is Splendor in a super wrong spot?

Favorite Book: The Fault in Our Stars.

Favorite Book: The Mara dyer trilogy.

Favorite Book: Probably the My Life Is a Zoo series.

Favorite Book: Shit. His Fair Assassins? Or Shatter Me?

Favorite Book: Throne of Glass bae series, obviously.

Shelf Four

Favorite Book: The Twilight Saga. Ooh, but The Host! (Note: There's a gap because I lent the first two Bloodlines books.)

Favorite Book: The Lunar Chronicles.

Favorite Book: The Water and the Wild.

Favorite Book: Stephanie Perkins's books.

Favorite Book: Divergent and Insurgent, but not The Book That Shall Not Be Named.

Shelf Five

Favorite Book: Fangirl.

Favorite Book: I'm going to cheat and say Hamlet.

Favorite Book: Hmm...the Wolves of Mercy Falls or Wild Awake?

Favorite Book: Code Name Verity.

Favorite Book: The Distance Between Us.

The Little Shelf

ARCs Above

The Floor Books

Don't forget to stalk check out all the shelves on the hop!

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One very luck person in this universe (so long as The Book Depository ships to you for free; sorry, Lunars) can win their very own copy of any book that I am in possession of. Fine print: Editions may vary, for some of the editions I own may be hard to find or be expensive. And pleaseee pay attention to my giveaway rules--I'm picky and I tend up having to disqualify a lot of people who don't follow them. May the odds be ever in your favor!

-No cheating whatsoever; cheating entries will be disqualified.
-No shady/suspicous entries; if something about your entries doesn't add up and/or seems shady, you will be disqualified (I check them all).
-No private or giveaway accounts; if I can't find your entry I can't confirm it.
-One entry per person, must be 13 years or older or have your parents' permission, and the winner has 48 hours to respond to an email/tweet or else a new winner will be chosen. 

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What do your shelves look like?


  1. Thanks for the giveaway! My shelf is full of pumpkins and books right now; I need to change it for Christmas. ;)

    1. Rafflecoppter wouldn't record my bloglovin' profile here:

  2. My shelf isn't a shelf. It's a cupboard that doesn't display my lovely books. :(

  3. Oh my goodness, you have SO MANY BOOKS!
    I don't think I have quite as many as you, but I am sure I come close, especially since I have some in boxes...I love my shelves, though! They are all in my room and hold about 500 books :)

  4. My shelves aren't as bountiful as yours, but they definitely overflow. I have books on the shelves, of course, and then books stacked in front of those books because I don't have room. And all the graphic novels? On the floor. I don't have room for another shelf though...

  5. soooo many epic books! LOVE. I'm so impressed with how many books you have! Thank you for sharing pics and the video! You are so beautiful :-)

  6. I currently don't have any shelves and all my books are under my bed! It's pretty bad!

  7. Holy crap! You seriously have a lot of books. Like, how many do you have? lol

  8. I have just 2 white shelves. They aren't nearly as full as yours is. I'm jealous. Your books are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  9. If you know about Doctor Who... well, basically I had my bookshelf built like the actual TARDIS. It's around 5'5 and when you open it there are shelves ;D

  10. I only have a few shelves, the rest of my books are stacked in various places around the room. I'm in the process of making them all neat and orderly (not alphabetizing, more just whichever books look really good together) but it's a pretty slow-going project.

  11. My shelves look like a tornado has hit it, I have one shelf that is on the floor, another is beautiful carved and painted a deep green but has cracks, another is pain white that was part of drawer but was by a chainsaw.

  12. My shelves look like a mess. I have been stacking and double stacking all my books and putting them wherever there's space.

  13. I only have 2 1/2 full bookshelves on my bookshelf. It's not a lot, but surprisingly hard to organize.


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