Nov 2, 2015

Recap: October to November

School totally kicked my ass in October. It took up a lot of reading time, and blogging time, so I didn't get much done. Hopefully I can get ahead and get more reading and blogging done in November!


Books Read
-Blackhearts by Nicole Castroman
-Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding
-Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch
-The Italian by Ann Radcliffe
-Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

-How to Outfox Your Friends When You Don't Have a Clue by Jess Keating: Such adorkableness.
-Wendy Darling: Stars by Colleen Oakes: FEELSY and intense.
-The Masked Truth by Kelley Armstrong: This is how thrillers are done.
-Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch: Light and fun with a killer ending.

Favorite Book Read
Despite the insane unputdownable quality of Blackhearts (seriously though), I'm going with Illuminae because it blew a lot of things out of the park.

Book Haul

I couldn't not do this month's book haul in my Halloween costume. I had to! It is (was), after all, Halloween!

Weekly Posts
I asked the bookish genie for a few wishes and recommended some reads for Halloween (and compared them to movies).

I waited on a contemporary novel from an author whose Middle Grade debut I loved and a retelling of Alice in Wonderland.

Other Posts

I introduced a new feature! Please welcome For the Tote! This sporadic feature is all about things to fill in your tote, aka, whatever I'm currently obsessed with.


Reading Goals
I lowered my Goodreads goal from 100 to 80. Instead of being thirteen books behind, I'm now three books ahead. My goal is to stay ahead--and maybe still reach 100.

New Releases
Here are the three books I'm looking forward to most! (And that I don't already have copies of. Hence why The Anatomical Shape of a Heart and Da Vinci's Tiger aren't on here.)


November 10, 2015: Over 800 pages OH MY GOSH.

November 10, 2015: This sounds reminiscent of The Rules for Disappearing so WANT.

What are you looking forward to reading in November?

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  1. I am so looking forward to Winter. It can arrive any time and I will gladly drop everything to read it. I am also hoping to get to Ice Like Fire this month as well as The Heart of Betrayal.
    Thanks for sharing!


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