Oct 13, 2015

For the Tote: Songs on Repeat

Hello, readerlies! Welcome to a new--and revised--feature here on Beauty and the Bookshelf. Every once in a while (and over a year ago, whoops!), I would recommend music in random posts called Song as Old as Rhyme. But that just seemed like a mouthful and not very discernible, so I decided to rename it. I was completely stumped as to what the new title should be, especially since I wanted to recommend more than just music: movies, online shops, Instagram accounts, and so on. And what's something that you fill up with things that you like (and that's somewhat bookish)? Totes! And so For the Tote, a sporadic feature filled with recommendations just for you, was created. I hope you like it!

For today's toteally awesome recommendation, I'll be talking about music. Like books, I love music, and I listen to it when I'm doing just about anything. (It's also great writing inspiration.) Here are a few songs I've been fancying in the past month or so.

If you exist anywhere on the internet, you've probably heard, oh, everyone talking about the soundtrack to Hamilton. Since it was so hyped, I decided to give it a listen, and when I put it on shuffle on Spotify, this was the first song to pop up. The soundtrack as a whole has a great sound, but I really like this solo (and I like to pretend I can sing it and sing it well).


Meg Myer's first hit the radio with "Desire," which I really liked, and I didn't mind "Sorry," but her latest has a catchy, refreshing sound to it, and I like it.

I'll be seeing Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats at a concert in December, so it's good to know their music, and this song is really, really hard not to dance to. (I dare you to listen to it and not move. I dare you.)

I will also be seeing Walk the Moon at the concert in December (!!!), but I started listening to their music just before Talking is Hard was released. And this song? I love love love it.

More Walk the Moon, because their cover of the Talking Heads's "Burning Down the House" is so, so good.

I love rock, and I'm digging the sound brought by The Struts.

I am not a fan of Taylor Swift, but I like some of her music, and "Bad Blood" is definitely a catchy song. But the other day Emery Lord tweeted this version of the song, and wow. It is gorgeous.

I'm a sucker for scores, and this piece from the end of Dragonheart (which I NEED to see) is totally gorgeous and going on my WIP playlist.

What songs do you have on repeat?

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