Sep 15, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday (147)

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This Tuesday's theme is...

Every year I like to do something fun on my blog to celebrate Halloween. I used to do interviews and guest posts with authors who had Halloween-esque books, but last year I switched it up. I did this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

I decided to cosplay/dress up as fictional characters without going crazy and spending a bunch of money--I mostly used things I already had. If I want to buy a costume at the store, I usually have to spend a bunch of money on something unoriginal that shows more than half my skin. I don't want that. But I want to have fun, and I did that last year by mashing the spookiest of holidays with books. And this year, I want to do it again. If I do (and I probably will), I just might dress up as the following ten or so characters. (Side note: Some names or descriptions may be kind of vague or slightly incorrect or incomplete in order to avoid spoilers.)

Celaena Sardothien, Manon Blackbeak, and the Ghost Leopard from Queen of Shadows
I don't think it's been two years since I first read Throne of Glass, but since I became obsessed with the series I've wanted to dress up as Celaena Sardothien. But the problem is that for that I'd want to go all out, and I'm totally eyeing the latest book's cover. Manon would be a simple--and bloody and badass costume--but seriously, I need very, very white-blonde hair, and a red cloak and somehow have iron hair and nails. And as for the Ghost Leopard...well, I'd dress like a pretty lady, then put grayish leopard spots on half my face and have them trail down my neck.

Astrid Dane from A Darker Shade of Magic
There are myriad possibilities for costumes with this book, but I would so totally go for Astrid Dane. She's excellently evil, and I love it. For the costume I'd dress all regal and in white, and make my skin even paler than it is, and just be white white white (maybe red lips for blood) but evil evil evil.

Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone
My hair is partially teal, so I can't not be Karou. I'd dress in darker clothes, and I'd put hamsas on my palms and true story on my wrists. Voila!

Jocelyn Hook from Hook's Revenge
She's a pirate. That's just fun. And she's Captain Hook's daughter, so that's pretty cool too. The costume would be pretty simple, but I'd go for ruffles and slightly looser clothes--like a kid in an adult's clothing. And I'd maybe carry around a crocodile head because why not, and my face would need to be fierce and sassy because that's exactly who Jocelyn is.

Mare Barrow from Red Queen
This is less a costume of a character and more of an interpretation. I'd interpret the cover and the title with maybe a bit of Mare? I'd wear a crown upside down, and then have what looks like red and silver blood dripping down my face, and maybe make some veins popping like lightning bolts.

Kate Thompson from Vengeance Road
Going to the west! This costume will be very rugged, and since Kate spends time in the book dressing as a boy, I'd make it a simpler outfit with a touch of femininity. I'd obviously wear cowboy boots, and a hat, but I'd probably wear brown pants with a looser shirt, put my hair up with some loose strands, and put dirt on my face. Oh! And I'd have some prop guns and a bag of gold.

Feyre from A Court of Thorns and Roses
See that cover? See that prettiness? I want to look like that.

Cinder from Cinder
As far as characters in The Lunar Chronicles go, I think Cinder would be the coolest to dress up as. She's part cyborg, so there's so much potential right there--I'd definitely try to make my arm look all mechanical. And since she's a mechanic, I'd wear baggier pants, a simple shirt, messy hair, and grease and oil everything up.

Lottie Fiske from The Water and the Wild
When I was looking through my books for costume ideas, I saw this one and was like hey. But I'm still not sure what exactly the costume would be! Maybe a more pants-and-shirts version of Wonderland's Alice, but I would definitely do the tattoos of the Northerlies and Southerlies (especially the Northerlies, because #FifeandtheNortherliesFTMFW). And the book is like a giant adventure, so I'd try to show that, too. Maybe a cute dress mixed with bits of the wild? HMMM.

Nix from The Girl From Everywhere
I haven't read this book yet (though I really, really want to), so this is another interpretation. But that title is just asking for it. I'd probably wear a basic monochrome outfit, but I would decorate the hell out of my skin and literally be the girl from everywhere--I just don't know how I'd do it. But I'd be covered in maps and flags--like they're painted on my skin--and I don't know what else and the image in my head is just SO COOL.

Which fictional characters would you want to be for Halloween?


  1. This is an awesome post! I've realized that I have never dressed up as a book character *bows head in shame* this has to be fixed!

  2. Omg this is such a cool idea. I can't wait for all the pictures!! I'm really excited for the Red Queen and Cinder costumes. Cinder is my FAVORITE. It would be totally cool to be her for Halloween (though I have no idea where to start) I've never been a character from a book before, but I was Batgirl for Halloween last year. I made my own cape and mask. I was really proud of myself XD My friend Vy was Karou for Halloween last year. It was SUPER cool. She had the tattoos of the eyes on her palm and everything. Can't wait for that costume as well!

  3. Oh what a great topic!!!! I think Mare and Cinder would be so much fun to dress up as- Great list!!

  4. What a fun topic! I'd love to dress up as so many of these characters, especially Karou and Feyre.

    My TTT-

  5. SO cool! I've never known what to do when it comes to dressing up like a character. I've thought about dressing up like Cress, since I have long blonde hair and am really short, but I don't know what to wear! Gah! Good luck fr this year!

  6. Ahhhh!! I LOVE THIS!!!! What a fantastic topic!! I have zero creativity when it comes to Halloween costumes, so I'm always struck with such awe over how incredible others are. These are fantastic ideas, and I'd love to see them! :)

  7. What a fun list! Astrid would be so so so creepy!

  8. I somehow missed you doing this last year! What a great idea and I can't wait to see this years!! This year my family is dressing up...Kiddo will be Darth Vader, I'm Princess Leia (white dress and buns) and hubby will be Obi Wan. I'm so excited! haha

  9. Brilliant post!! I love that you used things you already had, rather than spending lots of money on an outfit. It can be just as effective :-) I haven't read many of these books yet - but I think Cinder would be great!

    Sarah @ Novels & Whimsy

  10. This is such a cool idea! And you have so many good characters on this list, Celaena, Manon, the Ghost Leopard, Feyre and Cinder. I'm excited to see what cool costumes you put together!

  11. Karou is the way to go! It would be so fun to dress up as her! Celaena, too. Great list!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My TTT

  12. haha! What a fun post and theme idea! :) My TTT

  13. This is such a fun topic idea, I love it! I would love to dress up like Feyre, so much pretty! And Karou too- so I could have blue hair! I just love these, fabulous choices!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight


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