Jul 28, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday (142)

is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This Tuesday's theme is...

As someone who loves books (DUH), it's always nice to read about characters who also love books. NERDS UNITE. And yet, I had a kind of hard time coming up with ten characters for this week's topic! I KNOW there are lots of book nerds in books, and that I've read about a whole bunch of them. But I don't remember and I just KNOW I'm forgetting some pretty cool characters.

Claire Danvers | Celaena Sardothien | Cath Avery | Sam Roth | Noah Shaw, Daniel Dyer | Sloane | Astrid Ellison | Hazel Grace Lancaster | Bella Swan | Jocelyn Hook

Which book nerd book characters are your favorite?


  1. Love your list! I think my favorite bookworm is Cath Avery. <3

  2. Some of my favorites book nerds that I did for my Top Ten Tuesday post tomorrow are Hermione Granger, Jo March, Anne Shirley, and Liesel Meminger.

    Nicole @ Boundless Bookaholic

  3. Oh, I should have added Celaena!

    Check out my TTT and The 80's Tag!

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  5. Cannot believe I forgot Hazel. She's an awesome bookish character. Oooh, and now I'm all the more anxious to meet Celaena as well as read The Naturals. Fabulous list. :)

  6. I had some problems coming up with this list too :-) You've got some amazing bookish characters on your list! :-) I love how bookish Celaena is. My TTT!

  7. Cath and Hazel made my list too. Didn't even think of Bella - Great list!

  8. Yes! I haven't seen Noah Shaw on anyone else's list yet!

    Here's my TTT

  9. Great choices. I have Cath and Hazel on my list too.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  10. I can't believe I forgot about Hazel Grace and Sam. I did include Claire, though. Great choices!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My TTT

  11. Great picks Rachel, I forgot some of these! Hazel and Cath are a couple of my favourites too :D

    Here's my TTT if you would like to check it out :-) Have a great day!

    Emma @ Emma's Bookery

  12. Claire Danvers made it onto my TTT! She's certainly an unforgettable bookworm :)

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  13. Nice list! I had a hard time coming up with ten as well, not because I haven't read books with bookworms in them, but because I just couldn't remember all of them. *Sigh* For instance, I totally forgot about Cath and Astrid. Glad you gave them some love :)

    Happy TTT!


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