May 8, 2015

Have You Seen This?

The oh-so-kind Andi of Andi's ABCs and Brittany of The Book Addict's Guide have created a fantastic feature called "Have You Seen This..." This genius invention is a way for us avid book collectors to find books that are missing from, and that we just need, for our collection. And if someone has a book you want, or you have a book someone is looking for, you make a trade and voila! Your collection has a new addition! And I, as a book hoarder collector, am on the hunt for a few books to treasure in my collection.

There are some books I want, and some books I need. I thought I could do one of two things with this post: make a giant list of books I'm looking for, or just make it simple and only mention a few. I went with a little mix of the two, but I shall prioritize, because there's one set of ARCs I am positively desperate for.

As far as trades go, I might have a few things for trade, but I'm horrible/OCD about getting rid of things, books included. (Seriously, I'm the worst at getting rid of things and I hate doing it.) But for certain books I'll be like HERE, HAVE MY TWO DOGS, TWO CATS, AND HEDGEHOG and be up for trading some ARCs if I have anything you want. (Not really, but you get what I mean.) I'm totally willing to trade finished copies, or buy a book off Book Outlet or whatever. I can get sacrificial. But enough of that, I think. Here are the books I would very much like to add to my collection (and they're all ARCs).

My Top Priority ARCs...
-Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (trade made)
-Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas (trade made)
-Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas (trade made)
(This series is bae and therefore I need all things bae. Already working on the UK versions!)

If These Exist...
ARCs of Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampires series - I don't know if these exist, but I LOVE this series, own all the US books and am working on owning all the UK versions, but if there are ARCs...oh my gosh.

A Few Others...
-The Selection by Kiera Cass (trade made)
-Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson
-The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (trade made)
-The Gone series by Michael Grant (except for Hunger and Light) (trades made for all except Gone, which I still need)

UPDATE, May 21, June 9, October 6:
I ended up getting got ARCs of Rae Carson's The Crown of Embers and The Bitter Kingdom, but now I need The Girl of Fire and Thorns!

I'm also now in search of an ARC of Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers (not the gold cover)!

As well, I'm kind of itching for an ARC of Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein!

I'll leave it at that for now and just keep it relatively short, sweet, and simple. If you have any of these and would be willing to part with them, first off, THANK YOU, HAVE A COOKIE, and secondly, please comment below, tweet me @RachelllRaeee, or email me at rachelpatrick93ATyahooDOTcom. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. would you happen to have an ARC of grave mercy? I have an arc of heir of fire, but that's really the only thing I'm looking for. :\

  2. Wow, you got pretty much everything you asked for! Maybe I should do a post like this… hmmm… ;)
    I have so many books…what I had tweeted was just the tip of the iceberg. I don't have that many ARCs though, because I have given/traded most of them already. Love your blog though! I'm now following :)

    Diamond @ Dee's Reads

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