Mar 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday (123)

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This post has perfect timing, because next week I will be reading whatever the hell I want in a post-finals, pre-birthday celebration. But as I put this together, compiling a list of all the ARCs I have (seriously, expanding to books I don't have would make this list go on forever), I couldn't quite get it narrowed down to ten. I ended up going with ten books I plan on reading this spring--and I have them all, except for the last two, though the second to last one is on its way--and then doing a little bonus with the five books I hope to devour next week. But this spring is filled with a whole lot of books. A WHOLE LOT.

ARCS for Reviewing Pleasure

The Historical Binge
I read Code Name Verity last year and oh my gosh it was so good. This year, it's part of a reading challenge for one of my book clubs, so I need to reread it at some point, but I may try the audiobook. And since I have Black Dove, White Raven, and I need to read Rose Under the Fire, I may binge all three back to back. (I know, I know. THAT'S A VERY BAD IDEA.)

New Cotugno
I loved How to Love, and I am so excited to read a new book by Katie Cotugno.

Hearts, hearts, hearts!
I have an obsession with anatomical hearts so I am EXCITED for this one.

ROMEEE in a Book
I've heard pretty darn good things about this and I'm super intrigued by the setting.

Feather. Haired. People.
The people have feathered hair FEATHERED HAIR HOW COOL IS THAT?

A Sci-Fi Sequel
I'm a big Kimberly Derting fan and oh, dear gosh, what will happen after The Taking?

Farewell, Merry Characters
Scarlet was such a good book. And while Lady Thief wasn't my favorite it still packed on the feels this series has. So this will be a big, fat heart breaker.

The Character with No Hands
Oh, this sounds deliciously dark.

Books Not Yet in My Possession

Hello, Pretty Cover
PRETTY COVER, I believe an ARC is on its way to me and maybe I should just frame it.


Bonus: Next Week's TBR!

I Need to Read You
The Girl of Fire and Thorns was excellent and I am so, so excited to read this.

Assassins and Murder
Very much enjoyed Grave Mercy and am eager to see where the story goes.

Beauty, the Beast, and New Adult
No explanation necessary.

Eep, New Dessen!
Oops, I still need to read The Moon and More.

Series-Finale Series Finale
Oh, how bittersweet this will be, especially when THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE LIKE FIVE BOOKS WHY ONLY THREE?

What are you reading this spring?


  1. We have the exact same outlook on Lion Heart! I hope this book is better than the second book in the series, because I really did like Scarlet and Rob.

  2. Can't wait for The Heir and the new Sarah Dessen book!

  3. I have a few of those books on my spring TBR list too. Good picks! I cannot wait to read Black Dove, White Raven, The Girl at Midnight and The Heir.


    Crazy excited for everything you have here pretty much. Ember, The Girl at Midnight, 99 Days, Things We Know By Heart and Minnow Bly!

    Awesome list :)
    Alyssa From Swept Away By Books
    My Top Ten!

  5. YES to Black Dove, White Raven! I can't wait for that one to come out! I also really liked Dark Triumph -- that whole series is so good!

    My TTT.

  6. Is there anyone out there who isn't excited about ACOTAR? I'm really excited for The Girl at Midnight as well! Great list!

  7. I read Crown of Embers in January and really enjoyed it! I've also read Jessi Kirby's other books and really loved them so I'll definitely have to check out Things We Know By Heart. Great picks!

    Here are my picks: Erica @ Read It. Note It.

  8. OHMYGOD I WANT THE HEIR SO BADLY!!!! Things We Know by Heart looks great too. Your reading marathon sounds exciting :) Hope you enjoy them all :)
    Here's my TTT:

  9. There are so many good books on your TBR! I can't wait to read A Court of Thorn of Roses. I'm also excitied to read The Girl At Midnight.I am very much looking forward to Things We Know By Heart too, iIt looks so good! :-) I hope that you enjoy these books. My TTT

  10. I have yet to read Code Name Verity. I have heard some great things about it.
    An Ember in Ashes sounds like it could be completely amazing as it is, after all, in ROME!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. So many excellent reads!!

    I also need to read Dark Triumph and hope to get to it soon. Its been too long since I've read about assassin nuns. I also need to finish Susan Ee's series...but I'm waiting for the 3rd book as I have issues with endings and so need to be able to dive right in. Lion Heart was break your heart amazing and I can't wait to see what Gaughen writes next.

    My TTT is here.

  12. I LOVE this list! I have read some, want to read some and will be reading some soon! NEED THE HEIR LIKE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Excellent taste in book. ;-)

  13. Awesome list! You The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly definitely sounds interesting. I totally forgot about that one. There are so many amazing books releasing and I still have so many in my tbr pile! Lots of choices! Happy Spring!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My TTT

  14. So many great books on your list! I put Things we know by heart on my Top Ten also.

  15. Rome in a book! I can't wait for An Ember in the Ashes. And Lion Heart! I loved both books so I'm scared/excited about the last one... The Water and the Wild, what a beautiful cover! Wow! The Selection is not my favorite series but oh my god is that dress cover gorgeous!!! CROWN OF EMBERS IS MY FAVORITE OF THAT SERIES. It's SO good Rachel! A Court of Thorns and Roses is my most anticipated title I'm excited to read this spring. Eep! Happy reading.

  16. The Heir!! I can't wait for that one to come out :)

  17. So many great books on here! I can't wait for End of Days, and I'm reading Things We Know By Heart this week. I hope you looooove The Crown of Embers and Dark Triumph - they're two amazing sequels.
    Happy spring reading, lady! <3

  18. Yes to 99 Days and Things I Know by Heart!! I am so excited for both of them. Have you read any of Jessi Kirby's other books?! I feel like they'd be something you would enjoy!

    - Tabitha @ Tabitha's Book Blog

  19. Ack, I need to finally raed Elizabe4th Wein! EMBER is on my list, too!! And Derting will be read when all three are out. I can finally raed Gaughen's books this year! I also need to catch up on The Selection! Eeep, and Rae Carson and Robin LaFevers, YAY! Love them!!!! Ooh, and LOVED ACOT&R aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!

  20. I am really excited for The Girl at Midnight. The purple on that cover is to die for. Great picks!

  21. We have a lot of books in common (because we both have excellent taste-lol). I cannot wait to read 99 Days, Saint Anything, Sacred Lies, and An Ember in the Ashes. I still need to read Code Verity and The Girl of Fire and Thorns although both are on my TBR lists somewhere. Fantastic list! I hope you love them all!


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