Mar 3, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday (121)

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HARDEST TOP TEN TUESDAY EVER. I always hate picking my all-time favorites of things. Like, what do I like more, my arms or my legs, oxygen or flowing blood? The only thing I know about Sophie's Choice (besides that it's a movie) is that this is it. I don't even know if this list is accurate, because it's difficulty is like I-want-to-get-into-Harvard SAT and ACT testing high. I mean, picking ten books out of hundreds I've read? It seems impossible. Fortunately, I can cheat, because an entire series counts as one book. So ha! But nevertheless, here are my topish tenish favoriteish YA (for the most part) books of all timeish.

Along for the Ride
This tends to be tied with This Lullaby as my favorite Sarah Dessen book, but I think it wins by just a smidgen.

Anna and the French Kiss
This is quite possibly the cutest book ever and I love it.

The Divergent Trilogy
The epicness and pure goodness of this and Insurgent is amazing, but I'm still not talking about that last one.

This book is good. How good? I currently own four different versions of it, and I'll be getting more.

The Morganville Vampires Series
Oh, this series. Fifteen books was not enough. Oh, how I love thee.

The Host
I tend to skip the past the first 150 pages or so, but after that, this book, oh my gosh.

The Hunger Games Trilogy
Reading this series back to back to back gives me a Hunger Games High, and duuude, it's amazing.

The Throne of Glass Series
Epic fantasy is fucking epic and it's pretty much bae.

Tiger Lily
Oh, this book. This book. It will, as I always say, rip your heart out and smash it to pieces on the dirty ground while simultaneously keeping it beat beat beating in place.

The Twilight Saga
Twilight: Why I read and write, and a series I will and shall love forever.

What are your favorite books of all time?



    Anyway, yay for Along for the Ride! It's one of my favorite contemporaries. This Lullaby is definitely my favorite Dessen book, though. I love Divergent and Insurgent, but haven't read Allegiant yet (I'm taking my sweet time getting to it). The Throne of Glass series is my top favorite right now. I love it so much!! Twilight is an old favorite of mine. It's really nice to see it on your list. :)

  2. Your nails are gorgeous! I really must get round to reading The Hunger Games series, it seems to be a firm favourite in TTTs. :D

  3. FANGIRL, THRONE OF GLASS, and THE HUNGER GAMES. OH YEAH. Those books are included in my TOP TEN ULTIMATE FAVORITE books of all time!

    I love the way that you took pictures with the book. So lovely! HERE'S MY TTT

  4. Hey, visiting from the TTT link-up!
    Nice, I really like the way you put this post together. Good job with the pictures, that's a cool idea. :)

  5. Along for the Ride was wonderful! A lot of these would have made my list, but I rad them more than 5 years ago. I read Glass Houses more than a year before it came out. I know Rachel (Roxanne) and I got a sneak peek at it a long time ago. These are all favorites of mine,,,well, Divergent would have been is Allegiant wasn't so...disappointing. Great list, I love how you took the pictures!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My TTT

  6. First off, the nails are freaking amazing and make these pictures SO good!

    Second, I still haven't read Fangirl... :S and i've always wanted to read The Morganville series but 15 books is a lot to get into!! Very happy I gave Throne of Glass a second chance as you know, and one day I WILL read Tiger Lily because I just know that I will absolutely love it.

    Great list Rachel!
    Alyssa @ Swept Away By Books
    My Top Ten

  7. The Morganville Vampires is one of the best series ever! I feel so bad that I forgot to include it on my list now :( This is such a unique way to do TTT, I love the nails and pictures!

  8. Along For The Ride is my favorite Sarah Dessen book as well! It's definitely a close tie with This Lullaby for me also, as well as The Truth About Forever! That one was my first Dessen book so it's still special for me. <3 Fangirl was sooo good as well! And Throne of Glass is absolutely bae of course!! So many good books!! Awesome choices. :D

  9. Fun presentation of your TTT! How could I forget Tiger Lily? Such an amazing book! And yes, The Throne of Glass seems to be showing up on a lot of lists today--such a fantastic series so far. Can't wait for Book 4.

  10. Your nails are fantastic!

    You've picked some great books for the list. I especially love Fangirl, just about anything by Sarah Dessen (my personal favorites are Along for the Ride and Truth About Forever), and Anna and the French Kiss (Perkins is an automatic buy for me now because of that book!).

  11. I got so distracted by your pretty pictures and your fabulous nails, I forgot to look at the books :)

  12. The Twilight Series and The Hunger Games are the only ones I've read on here. I do have Divergent on my TBR and my sister has a copy of The Host that I keep meaning to read.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. The Divergent trilogy, The Hunger Games, Anna and the French Kiss and the Twilight Saga are all amazing books! I actually own the Host, but when I tried to read it I couldn't get into it. I have Fangirl on my TBR and I also loved Throne of Glass! Great list!!


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