Feb 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday (119)

is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This Tuesday's theme is...

I've got ninety-nine problems and books are ninety-eight of them (ninety-ninth is The Walking Dead).

I'm running out of room. Seriously. I have five-and-a-half bookcases, I was keeping some books on my desk, and I have a stack sitting on my floor. And books are on the top of my bookcases, where books don't usually go. I need a bigger room.

So many books, so little time. Seriously. Can't I just get paid to read books all day? That would be lovely.

Don't worry, there's more.
My shelves have horizontal stacks. I only have one shelf that doesn't have a horizontal stack but that will not last. Most have at least two. THEY ARE STUPID AND I HATE THEM SO MUCH, but I need the space.

Gotta have 'em all. I do not like to get rid of things. That definitely includes books (and ARCs). My aunt once suggested that, if I'm out of room for all my books, why not get rid of some? Some people collect dolls and coins, and I collect books. They're my babies!

I have a tower of doubles. These are doubles that are pretty much unintentional, and then there are the ones that I totally bought on purpose.

It's the leaning tower of extra book copies!
I collect books. I've got this new thing where I need to own books in multiple editions and my gosh this is so bad for my wallet and lack of shelf space.

Damn you, UK.
I play favorites. When it comes to my books, there are some that I find more precious than others. When I have to make a horizontal stack, I'll purposely make it so those books don't end up in one or squished by one (until I have no choice). And then, because I have so little space, sometimes books have to get forced with a lot of pushing to fit somewhere, and to my favorites, there is no pushing or shoving.

Look at all these library books. Take a gander at how many library books get read before they have to be returned in nine weeks. If you guess one, you get partial credit. If you guessed maybe one, then you are correct (and I am horrible)!

Oh library, dear library.
What's a book buying ban? Maybe I have thirteen-book Book Outlet order coming and maybe I'm expecting a lot of book mail and I can't stop buying books I CAN'T.

I have a LOT of books. As of the time of this post I have 929 books. That includes multiples, but not any ARCs or picture books or random books. If those were included...good gosh, I could seriously have my own library you guys.

The precious.

What are your bookish problems?


  1. I'm also horrible about not reading all my library books on time. They look so tempting when I check them out, but then I just never get around to them, even with multiple renewals.

  2. Wow! You have so many books. I don't know whether I'm jealous of your beautiful collection or relieved that my own isn't quite that large.

  3. That would be a beautiful thing. I just don't have enough time to read. I wish upon a star, all the time.

  4. Love that you collect different editions of books!! I'm totally with you on the not getting rid of books thing. My best friend is a neat freak and she can't understand why I keep books that I've read. She's always trying to get me to get rid...NO, just NO!

  5. I'm definitely jealous of your book collection. I only have one bookcase (tho I as well have horizontal stacks and books in front of books and it drives me nuts!).

  6. I am totally running out of room as well. I have two books deep on one of my shelves. It drives me absolutely crazy!
    And I can't get rid of my beauties. I just can't.

  7. Library books will be the death of me. I go to library, get so excited, got like ten books, and end up reading like none. But I can't stop going to the library because I love it, I really do try to read the books, but Netflix exists and there are always other books I want to read more. Sorry library.

  8. OH MY WORD. O.O Your pictures remind me of my studio apartment when I lived on the east coast. Bookcases with horizontally-packed books everywhere!

    I'm with you on each and every point, especially the multiple-editions & "gotta have them all." UK editions are so beautiful, and I love collecting copies of a book I adore. But the hardest thing to do is purge books. So many blog posts are out there about trading/purging (thinking of So Obsessed and Alexa Loves Books), and while the methods are sound, I still find it hard to part with books! Only if I truly didn't enjoy them at all does it seem perfectly fine to have it leave the bookshelves.

    Book-buying bans are hard, especially when buying from Book Outlet! I can't help but think "Oh, $5 for three books? That's like...1/3 of the price for one book! That means I can buy more!" And then they arrive and it becomes a shoving/stacking/rearranging game, and it's too late to remember the ban. Sigh.

    Great post! My TTT

  9. Wow, that is an impressive collection. I wish I had that many physical books, but my parents got me a Nook and made me download the Kindle app on my iphone because we have absolutely no more book space. Don't worry, I still get real books sometimes too, just not as many.

    Book sales! Yes please, I'll buy tons of those pretties!

  10. I'll never go on a book buying ban. That's just silly. I'm a book junkie and I'm proud of it! I gotta have them all, too. I totally understand all of your problems.

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My TTT

  11. Haha, I love that tagline. So great. I'm with you on books being the majority of my problems too. My bookcase is now full and I'm starting to panic, as I know I can't get another for awhile. *raises hand* I also want to get paid to read! It would make life so much easier, because I am so overwhelmed with books. I love that I am not the only one that does that with library books! It doesn't matter I have a billion of my own books to read, I will STILL get a million library books. And then not read them in time. Sigh.

  12. Only 900 books? Lightweight! I have about 7000 books in my house -- just about to install some more shelving but even then there will be nowhere near enough. I've been collecting books since I was 10 and started buying one every week with my allowance. And I'm not even including my ebooks.


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