Feb 3, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday (118)

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Top Ten Fantasy Novels I Want to Read

Toward the end of 2013, I read a little book called Throne of Glass and fell in love with a world that wasn't so little. Add in Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire, and The Assassin's Blade, and you may occasionally see me using the term bae. Thanks to the Throne of Glass series, I found a new, spectacular--and highly addictive--fandom, and a love for a genre I thought would bore me: Fantasy. Now, a little over a year later, I want to read all the fantasy, and here are ten of those fantasmical books I want to read.

The One I Need to Read
I VERY VERY RECENTLY read The Girl of Fire and Thorns and my gosh, you guys were right, IT IS SO GOOD. Upon finishing, I pretty much immediately got the other two books in the series from the library (though I seriously considered just buying them because Thorns was that good). And it is taking so much control to not read The Crown of Embers because I have other books I really, really need to get read first. // Goodreads

The Hyped Hyper
I have heard this is ridiculously good, and my gosh, I sincerely hope it is. I own this, and it happens to be a part of one of my reading challenges this year, so I will most definitely be reading it. I just hope I get the chance to sooner rather than later. // Goodreads

The Series Finale
I'm very behind on my series finales okay (though I don't love this one but I still want to see how it ends and why EVERYONE was freaking out at a certain point). // Goodreads

The Devils, Angels, and Prose
Okay, so I didn't love Daughter of Smoke and Bone, but my gosh, Laini Taylor can write. // Goodreads

The Long Standing Fantasy
I have heard this is epic and I like epic and I just happen to own the first two books in this series, so boom! // Goodreads

The Feels
A bunch of people are freaking out about this book's sequel (The Heart of Betrayal) so I want to read it and see what all the freaking out is about. // Goodreads

The One With the Strong Prequel
I really, really liked Poison Dance, Midnight's Thief prequel novella, and I'm bummed I haven't had a chance to read the follow up to that story in a full-length novel. // Goodreads

The One With Excellent Character Names
The protagonist's name is Rachel and I have the first two books, WHY HAVEN'T I READ THIS? // Goodreads

The Creature Feature
Okay, really, this goes for anything written by Julie Kagawa, because she writes about like every creature ever (except Sasquatch). // Goodreads

The One with Assassins and Historicalness
Oh, book, I WILL read you this year. // Goodreads

Which of these fantasy books should I read first?


  1. So glad you loved Rae Carson! Can't wait to see your thoughts. Each one gets better and better and better. you'll probably buy them all ;) Oh, and THE WINNER'S CURSE! I hope you love it!! I'm behind on finales, too, and mentioned that today as well. Finales are SCARY!!! I didn't love DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE *either!!!* But everyone else LOVES it. And yes, she can write! So I DID buy the box set on sale really cheaply recently to try again. Wish me luck! GRACELING! I love that book! Interestingly, people either love or hate it. If you don't like it, keep going b/c people who say they don't like it really love FIRE. I adore GRACELING, though! Oh, KISS Of DECEPTION is so good, and so is the sequel, yep! I need to read MIDNIGHT THIEF, too. I preordered/bought it, and then someone said something negative and it dropped, but I really want to read it. DEFIANCE! Not enough people give that book love! AND GRAVE MERCY oh yeah. You have some GREAT books on your TBR!!!

  2. Wait... you didn't LOVE DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE WHAT RACHEL. It's just the most magically written book of all time. Ugh I want you to love the rest of this series so so bad. As much as you want me to love Throne of Glass!

    Crown of Embers is freaking amazing. Probably one of my favourite sequels ever, and it just gets even better with the 3rd! I didn't love Ruin and Rising but it was good. The Kiss of Deception was awesome and twisty and I didn't see anything coming, which I love in fantasy. The Winner's Crime is just awesome too. I really liked Graceling but weirdly never continued with the series and I LOVED The Iron King and that whole series a bunch.

    Clearly, you have a lot of awesome books on this list!
    My Top Ten

  3. I LOVE Rae Carson's books!!!! The Crown of Embers is awesome! I just read The Winners Curse a couple of weeks ago, and it is definitely a great read! The Iron King is one of the books that made me fall in love with the YA genre, and I just recently read Grave Mercy and it is really good also! SO many great books here!!!
    I'm hoping to read The Kiss of Deception and Graceling soon also....They both have been on my to-read list for a long time!
    Good luck reading these!!!

    Em @ http://theyabookbutterfly.blogspot.com/

  4. I did not love daughter of smoke and bones too. I was confused with all that was happening and the revelation was expected.
    My Top Ten Tuesday!

  5. I just finished The Winner's Curse yesterday and I really enjoyed it.

  6. I haven't read any of these either, but I really need to read some of them!
    My TTT

  7. You have so many fabulous books in this selection to look forward to! If I had to choose, I'd definitely rec Graceling and Days of Blood and Starlight.

  8. I need to read The Kiss of Deception and Defiance too! The Winner's Curse was really enjoyable, worth all the hype! I was pretty unimpressed with the ending of Ruin and Rising, but still enjoyed it over all!
    Great List!

  9. Yes, you absolutely have to read The Iron King! It is extremely addicting, you will be hooked onto the whole series. I sure know that I was ;)

  10. Some great ones and some that I just nodded and said, yep, yep. My rec is to read Crown of Embers next!

  11. Graceling is a MUST READ! I wasn't all that impressed with The Winner's Curse, but I seem to be in the minority. I really want to read Defiance, I do have it, so I'm on the right track! I left Kiss of Deception off my list but it definitely belongs there. I can't believe I haven't read it yet! I still need to finish the Laini Taylor books. I LOVED the way Ruin and Rising ended the series! Great list, I hope you get to read these soon!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My TTT

  12. Girl! You totally need to get on reading Ruin and Rising! I did the fantasy genre for my Top Ten Tuesday post and we chose three of the same books!

  13. I need to read all of these too! I can't believe that I haven't gotten to them. I think I have most of them.

  14. I LOVE His Fair Assassins! I need to read Mortal Heart. It took me forever to get to Grave Mercy and after I devoured it I couldn't figure out why it took me so long! I really enjoyed The Grisha Trilogy and I agree, Laini Taylor can write. I actually loved her Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. They get better! ~Megan

  15. 1. I really need to get around to read TGoFaT because it's getting to hear everyone shout out about this series and not knowing what the hell everyone is talking about. Also it's fantasy so I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

    2. I need to get around to read this one too! (basically 99% of the time is me saying this haha) but yeah, I got scared of the hype too.

    5. THIS IS SO GOOD (also finally a book that I did read already lol) but seriously is a great fantasy book and it has a ship that is beyond everything. I still didn't got around to read the other two books of this series though.

    7. I tried to read an ARC of this one but I was about 100 pages in and it fell flat, nothing really to keep me going. But I'm willing to give it a second shot if I heard got things about the second of this series.


    Deyse @ Bound with Words

  16. The winner's curse is such an incredible book! *-* And I want to read The kiss of deception!!!

    My TTT: http://frannieinthepages.blogspot.it/2015/02/top-ten-tuesday-ten-books-i-cant.html

  17. The Kiss of Deception was amazing. One of my favorite reads so far this year!

  18. I've got to read a lot of these too! YES -- I read the prequel to midnight thief and enjoyed it so much!! I really need to read the actual first book!


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