Dec 18, 2014

Class of 2014: YA Superlative Blogfest - Day 4

Is it really that time of the year? No, not the time filled with red and green and presents and the perfume of pine. I mean the time filled with fireworks and a late night party around the world and a marathon of The Walking Dead that I will totally be watching, even though I own all four seasons on DVD. IT IS THE END OF THE FREAKING YEAR. Most importantly, it's the time of year to rank all the books we spent most of the year reading.

Like last year, I'll be participating in The Class of 2014: YA Superlative Blogfest hosted by Katy UppermanJessica LoveTracey Neithercott, and Alison Miller. It's a four-day fest full of the best YA books and their components with Head of the Class, Popularity Contest, Elements of Fiction, and Best in Show. Get your books, put your thinking cap on, and join the fun!

(Note: All the books are Young Adult--unless otherwise stated--published in 2014, repeats will be avoided as much as possible, and what I've read in 2014 as of the date the post was published.)

Favorite Cover
If I'd read A Thousand Pieces of You it'd probably be here instead. But I didn't, so I'm putting this, because this cover is so cool! I remember reading it and constantly flipping to the cover so I could drool over its awesome shininess. [Goodreads Review]

Cutest Couple
If we're talking about couples who are more cutesy than, well, other things (at least for the most part), then Maxon and America take the tiered cake. These two are ADORABLE. They are so meant to be. [Goodreads Review]

Most Likely to Succeed
This just happens to also be my number one book of the year, so it must succeed. [Goodreads Review]

Most Likely to Make You Miss Your Bedtime
There really isn't a chapter where this can be put down and you just want to know what the hell is up with Mara Dyer, damn it. [Goodreads Review]

Best Repeat Performance
Now, I read some really good sequels and series additions this series, but this? Pretty much flawless, and it easily lived up to and went with its predecessor. HOW IS THIS SERIES SO GOOD? [Goodreads Review]

Favorite Series Finale
I only read a couple series finales(ishes) this year, and while they were all good, this was the best. In terms of closure and ending, it was the most satisfying. And THINGS HAPPEN. [Goodreads Review]

Romance Most Worthy of an Ice Bath
This is titled Ignite Me for a reason. [Goodreads Review]

Best Breakout Novel
Of all the debuts I read this year, this one knocked it out of the park. [Goodreads Review]

Best Old-Timer
Yes, I read Code Name Verity two years after it published, BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT ANY LESS SAD AND WONDERFUL. [Goodreads Review]

Most Likely to Make a Grown Man Cry
None of the books I read in 2014 and that published in 2014 really made me cry. (Those must have all been taken because of two faulty star books in an allegiance last year.) But with this book, I felt sad at the ending and, surprisingly, cried, and maybe a grown man would read this and weep for his childhood. [Goodreads Review]

Most Pleasant Surprise
I thought historical fiction, plus this era, would bore me. But this was very good. A pleasant surprise, indeed! [Goodreads Review]

Most Creative Use of a Love Triangle
If you've read this book you know exactly why this is here. This love triangle may not exactly be a love triangle. But it's, well, interesting. [Goodreads Review]

Sleeper Hit
Authors need readers to read and buy their books so they can write more. I need you to read and buy this book (and the first one, The Naturals) so Jennifer Lynn Barnes can write a million books in this series. Yes, it's that good, and yes, you must read it (how have you not?!). [Goodreads Review]

Favorite Outlier
I managed to read a few Adult novels this year (mostly thanks to book club), and they were all good, but this was the best. I loved it. SO GOOD. [Goodreads Review]

I've started reading Middle Grade, which is super fun, and this one was so adorkable and fun and I just loved it. [Goodreads Review]

Ultimate Ship

Aaand that's a wrap, folks! But do tell: what books would you put in these categories? And keep an eye on the blog because there are more end-of-year things coming!

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