Nov 25, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (109)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This Tuesday's theme is...

Top Ten Books on 
My Winter TBR Pile

Oh, joy. I never like this topic because it just reminds me of all the books I meant to get read for the last season and didn't. That's why this time around I'm doing all review books, because I NEED to get them read this cold season, plus two bonus books!

Blood Christmas
Vampires and blood houses, YES PLEASE. [Goodreads]

Galaxying in an 
Astrological Wonderland
I have yet to read a book dealing with astrology, so this should be interesting. [Goodreads]

All I Want for Christmas...
Is for this to be About Lilac and Tarver
But seriously, I'm pretty darn excited to read this soon, even though it will probably hurt. [Goodreads]

Santa Baby, Slip a Snorkel 
Under the Tree, For Me

The Madman's Daughter's Dark 
Legacy is Coming to Town
I really liked The Madman's Daughter, and I plan to binge-read my ARCs of these last two books! [Goodreads]

It's Beginning to Look 
a Lot Like Halloween
I really want to read a good creepy and scary novel. [Goodreads]

Here Comes Monster Girl
I am REALLY EXCITED for this. [Goodreads]

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, 
Blood All the Way
I have heard EXCELLENT things, so I'm hoping this is royally and bloody good. [Goodreads]

Baby, it's a Dying World Outside
This winter is bring lots of space books and I LIKE IT. [Goodreads]

The 99 Days of Christmas
I will most certainly be cheating on my TBR with this because NEW KATIE COTUGNO. [Goodreads]

Isla the Red Nosed Reindeer
I preordered this, have two copies, and still haven't read it, I AM WRETCHED. [Goodreads]

All I Want for Christmas...
Is to Finally Read You
This is one the books I said I WOULD get read this year, and the year is almost over, so... [Goodreads]

What books are you cuddling up with this winter?


  1. I'm debating buying the first Starbound novel on my nook b/c it's $5.99 right now. But I probably won't read it until the final book comes out next year. DECISIONS!!! Ahhh, i really want to read HER DARK CURIOSITY (I've said that all year!) and A COLD LEGACY and catch up!! RED QUEEN is on my list, too! Ahh, ISLA, enjoy!!!

    I love the way you split everything up! Very fun...and bloody!

  2. 99 Days looks SO cute. Oh my goodness, I really want to read it! :-) I hope you enjoy the books on your list this Winter! (I never get around to all of my list...) My TTT

  3. I really want to read the Starbound series, they premise sounds interesting and THOSE COVERS! *drools* I loved My Life Next Door, it was really cute! I added Isla and the Happily Ever After to my list, too!

    Kyra @ Blog of a Bookaholic
    My TTT Post!

  4. Tried commenting but I think I broke it so let me try again haha...

    We have some similarities! But I totally forgot about Zodiac & holy cheese The Night House sounds really good! Great list!

    Alexandra @ SleepsOnTables

  5. You have some absolutely wonderful books on your Winter TBR! I think Red Queen is going to be a fairly popular one :)

    My Winter TTT

  6. The cover for Red Queen basically jumps out and grabs me! It's gorgeous. I've been thinking about reading the first Starbound and Isla as well! So many great books!

  7. I have This Shattered World and Shutter on my list as well, awesome choices! I also can't wait to read Red Queen.

    Here's my Top Ten.

  8. Red Queen is on my list as well. I had an e-galley of Shutter, I need to get to that. Great list!
    Check out my Top 10

  9. Madman's Daughter #1 is on my list so I'm jealous you have the whole series lined up. Zodiac also seems to be everywhere!! Here’s My Top Ten Tuesday

  10. I wasn't sure if my comment posted so typed again :-)
    Some of these books are on my kindle already but 99 days and The Red Queen are on my read very soon pile!
    New follower.
    Kirsty xx

  11. I have an ARC of THE RED QUEEN I need to read.

  12. Psst....I read This Shattered World... at the halfway point, you'll be happy ;) I loved it, btw. Zodiac is on my list, too. I really want to read Red Queen, Shutter and Dove Arising. Great list!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My TTT

  13. Zodiac is on my list too! I'm excited, it sounds super interesting! and red queen i can't wait for, heard SO many good things

  14. I loved My Life Next Door. It's cute without being cutesy. I'm excited to read Monstrous, 99 Days, and The Red Queen. I debated snagging Zodiac, but I wanted to see some reviews first--so I hope it's awesome. I hope they are all awesome and you love them all! Happy reading!

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