Oct 9, 2014

Review: This Night So Dark by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

Title: This Night So Dark
Authors: Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Publishing Date: October 7, 2014
Pages/Format: 109, eBook
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Don’t miss the breathtaking short story that connects the first two novels in the Starbound trilogy, These Broken Stars and This Shattered World

Tarver still has nightmares about the night, six months before the Icarus crash, when he rescued a group of civilian researchers being held hostage by brutal mercenaries. Now Tarver and Lilac must reconcile his memories of that fateful night with the truth that they uncovered on a mysterious planet after the Icarus crashed. 

Book in One Word: MOOORE.

[If you haven't read These Broken Stars, this isn't exactly spoilery, but the novella itself has some spoilers for what happens in the book, hence why it's not a prequel but book 1.5. Yes, this mostly takes place before These Broken Stars, but it still gives away some things that occur in the book.  And because I will be mentioning some of those things, read this at your own risk.]

Novellas tend to seem kind of unnecessary and pointless. But as novellas go, this one wasn't bad. Is it necessary? Not exactly. But it's a nice little novella that gives us some insight as to what happened--and why--in These Broken Stars (my review is here!). Plus we get more from Lilac and Tarver, so...

I liked this! This Night So Dark takes place six months before the first book in the Starbound trilogy, before Tarver has ever met Lilac and is a hero. But it's here that we learn what he did to become a hero, and get to see it happen. It's a pretty quick read, with little conversations between the chapters from him and Lilac. (Want more of those, please.) It's really all Tarver's voice, and not when he's stuck on some unknown planet and fighting for survival--well, he may be fighting for survival, who knows?

I know you just want me to get to the point: Is this worth reading? Technically, no. I'm sure we'll get some of the answers we got here in This Shattered World or in the third book. But was it a complete waste of my time? No. I don't really have any complaints about it, either. This Night So Dark was a nice and quick little thing to read that put me back in a world I really liked (though not the same place) and with characters I enjoyed from a book I read, like, a year ago.

And you guys? It's FREE.

Did I like it? Yes!
Did I love it? It's hard to love a novella and something so short.
Would I reread it? Probably not, but just because I really have no reason to.
Would I purchase it? I already did (for zero dollars)!
Who would I recommend it to? If you like to read novellas, then this is a good one. But make sure you read These Broken Stars first because of spoilers. Also, if you liked These Broken Stars, then you might like this, too.

Did you read These Broken Stars? Do you have plans to read This Night So Dark? Or are you just all like, Novellas, no?

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  1. Free, you say! I love free novellas! I haven't read the first book yet but I want to soon!!


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