Sep 20, 2014

Song as Old as Rhyme: Favorite Live Tracks

It's been a VERY LONG TIME since I shared some music recommendations with you guys, and that's ridiculous, because I listen to music ALL THE TIME. And really, we all love music, don't we? GOOD. So today I'm going to share some YouTube of live performances that I REALLY LIKE with you--not necessarily for the performance itself (unless noted), but because of the sound or version of the song. Let me know what ones you like and what life performances are your favorites!

"Pumped Up Kicks" 
Foster the People
Deck the Hall Ball in Seattle, Washington
I was extremely excited to go to Deck the Hall Ball mostly because Foster the People would be there and I loved (and love) "Pumped Up Kicks." Their performance was awesome--they KILLED it--(this video isn't the best--and not mine--but Mark Foster does some pretty cool moves at 6:30) and this version of the song (technically starts around 1:25) was great. You bet I put it on my iPod.

"Radioactive/m.A.A.d City" 
Imagine Dragons & Kendrick Lamar
The Grammys
I remember watching this on TV and just thinking about how freaking EPIC it was. SERIOUSLY. This mash-up is ridiculously good. I was addicted to playing this video over and over again on YouTube so I could listen to it until I finally put it on my iPod. I love this.

"We Are The Universe/Uprising" 
The Resistance Tour in Seattle, Washington
If you've never seen Muse live you are seriously missing out. These guys KICK ASS. This video is the opening to the first Muse concert I went to, and I'm pretty sure it's the most epic, coolest concert opening I've ever seen. Just watch and wait for it and see. This video doesn't do it justice because it was a million times more epic in person, and it's been over four years and I'm still not over it.

"And I Am Telling You" 
Jessica Sanchez & Jennifer Holiday
American Idol Season 11
As much as I really didn't want Jessica Sanchez to win, there is no denying how very good this performance is. Their voices and everything just work so well for this song. Obviously it's on my iPod.

"Bohemian Rhapsody" 
Panic! At The Disco
The Gospel Tour
This cover is EXCELLENT. I put this on my iTunes yesterday and need to update my iPod. SO GOOD.

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