Sep 19, 2014

Be Our Tattooed Guest: Breenah + The Lowly Worm

Welcome to Be Our Tattooed Guest, an original feature here on Beauty and the Bookshelf! This feature is all about tattoos of the literary, poetic, and bookish variety, and people showing them off! To learn more about Be Our Tattooed Guest, please go here.

Ooh, today's tattoo is a certain little creature you may remember from your childhood!


Artist: Nolan @ King Pete in Andover, KS.

DesignLowly Worm.

Story: When I was a kid I watched Richard Scarry's ABCs daily. Sometimes multiple times a day. And I read all the books my mom could find, of course. For my 24th birthday my mom bought me my first tattoo and I figured it was fitting that it would be something do with reading and a strong memory I have of her.

Thanks for sharing your tattoo and being our tattooed guest, Breenah!

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