Aug 12, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (95)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This Tuesday's theme is...

Top Ten ARCs I Was Excited To 
Get But Still Haven't Read

Today's topic is actually Top Ten Books I'm Not Sure I Want To Read, but I didn't know what to do for that so I changed it up a bit. I have many ARCs--not to be braggy--and it just makes falling behind on reading SO EASY. In other words, see also: Forever Behind on My TBR.


Currently Reading

(Here are four books that I wanted to read and started...but just haven't finished yet!)

I can't believe it's taken me over a YEAR to finish a Sarah Dessen book--at least I'm halfway through!

I first heard about The Dollhouse Asylum when basically nothing was known about it and I WANTED it. When I first got an ARC, I couldn't fit in my TBR yet and I wanted to read it when I wanted to for the best experience. But then I read it and stopped and I need to finish--I even bought a finished copy!

After loving Origin, I was super excited for another book from Jessica Khoury. I think I was liking this okay enough, but I trying to read too many books simultaneously. And so, I fell behind on it.

Again, bad timing--and also, I hit a slow spot in the book.

Oh My Gosh, Need To Read

It's a Beauty and the Beast retelling and I still haven't read it!

Hellooooo, new Simone Elkeles!

The Madman's Daughter was such a good book--and THAT ENDING--so I was pretty eager to download this to my Kindle. But of course it's unread. Oh well, I got it from the library.

I fell in love with this cover and, therefore, really wanted to read the book.

Poison Dance was an excellent novel, and I'm bummed I haven't had a chance to jump into the actual novel.

I was so excited when I won an ARC of this from the author because HELLO, PRETTY COVER (and you have a map!). And it totally sucks that I've only read like two chapters so far. Because I really, really want to read this.

What books do you have yet to read that you had grabby hands for?


  1. I didn't realize that HER DARK CURIOSITY was out. I have to ask myself, should I read it or not?

  2. I hate when I just can't get to all the review books. It sucks! Seriously some of those books are books that I need to read too. I have Of Beast and Beauty sitting on my shelves right now...
    My TTT

  3. You've got a lot of interesting looking books on your list! I've only read Half Bad and Let's Get Lost out of your list. I adored Half Bad, but couldn't connect with Let's Get Lost.

  4. The Moon and More was actually my first Sarah Dessan book and I got half way and haven't finished it yet...oops.
    I really want to read Let's Get Lost but I haven't gotten to it yet!

  5. I've seen Wild Cards on a lot of people's lists today. I've never even heard of any of the others though but I am intrigued by the Beauty and the Beast retelling!

  6. I'm undecided about "Midnight Thief" and "Half-Bad", too!
    My TTT

  7. I need to read MIDNIGHT THIEF, HALF BAD, and HER DARK CURIOSITY, too, so you're not alone in that. ;) OF BEAST AND BEAUTY isn't my favorite retelling of that fairy tale, but it still has a lot of awesome world building concepts.

  8. I've heard some really good and bad stuff about Midnight Thief and Let's Get Lost... I don't know what to think!!

  9. Half Bad wasn't any good, really. So you're not missing out on anything.

  10. I really liked Her Dark Curiosity it was just as spooky and haunting as the first book!

  11. LOVED Of Beast and Beauty so much!!! Amazing. Also, ugh, still need to read Her Dark Curiosity, as well as a Sarah Dessen book. Ooh, and Midnight Thief looks so good! Also have heard great things about it. I like how you switched up the topic!

    Thanks for stopping by My TTT! :)

  12. I haven't read Wild Cards yet either. Or Midnight Thief or Of Beast and Beauty. :( I have a lot of ARCs too, so I don't get to that many of my other books. Those poor books. . . .


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