Aug 26, 2014

Blog Tour: The Gateway Through Which They Came by Heather Marie

Hello, summoners of books! I'm super excited about today's post and for two reasons: it's pretty freaking cool, and it's Heather Marie, who I knew post-authordom! Her debut The Gateway Through Which They Came JUST published (literally JUST--it published yesterday), and Heather's here today to share a scene of the book with you in a fun way. And I'll have all the info on the book for you, plus where you can stalk Heather, so read on, yes? Oh, and welcome to the gateway.

I asked Heather to draw up a scene from The Gateway Through Which They Came, and voila!

Isn't it glorious? (:

Title: The Gateway Through Which They Came
Author: Heather Marie
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Publishing Date: August 25, 2014
Pages: 218

To seventeen-year-old Aiden Ortiz, letting the dead walk through his body to reach the other side comes with the territory. Being a Gateway isn’t an easy job, but someone’s gotta send Bleeders where they belong. Heaven. Salvation. Call it whatever you want. Dead is dead. But when his search for Koren Banks––the girl who went mysteriously missing seven months ago––leaves him with more questions than answers, he finds himself involved in something far more sinister and beyond his control. 

With the threat of the Dark Priest's resurrection, and his plan to summon his demon brothers from hell, Aiden is left to discover his identity before the Dark Priest's curse infecting his blood consumes him, and before the world as he knows it succumbs to the darkness of hell on earth.


Check out the awesome trailer (and behind the scenes making of) for the book!

Heather Marie lives in Northern California with her husband, and spends the majority of her time at home reading. Before she followed her dreams of becoming a writer, Heather worked as a hairstylist and makeup artist for several years. Although she enjoyed the artistic aspect of it all, nothing quite quenched her creative side like the telling of a good story. When the day had come for her to make a choice, she left behind her promising career to start another, and never looked back. 

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