Aug 15, 2014

Be Our Tattooed Guest: Adi Alsaid + Calvin and Hobbes

Welcome to Be Our Tattooed Guest, an original feature here on Beauty and the Bookshelf! This feature is all about tattoos of the literary, poetic, and bookish variety, and people showing them off! To learn more about Be Our Tattooed Guest, please go here.

Today's guest is an author you maaay have heard of. (Perhaps you got lost, or want to get lost, in his book), And he has a tattoo of two characters you've prooobably most definitely heard of...

Adi Alsaid

ArtistFelipe @ Dayaks in Mexico City, Mexico.

DesignCalvin and Hobbes and languages.

Story: The story about my tattoo begins in fifth grade, stifling laughter with my best friend as we read Calvin and Hobbes in class. That's how far back I can remember thinking that if I ever got a tattoo, it'd be of Calvin and Hobbes.

I toyed with the idea/design for a long time, finally going under the needle when I was 21. There are plenty of reasons why I think Calvin and Hobbes make a fine tattoo (my belief that Bill Watterson made the world a better place when he created the comic strip, the layered meaning, the nostalgia, the wish my future children will get as much joy and insight from the books as I have, the pensiveness and implied joy of the particular scene on my leg), but the most honest one is that I love them. That simple.

The words were a late addition. “This life is big” is a short, sweet sentence. It’s the final one in a story called "Family on Ice" by Jane McCafferty. The story is not particularly memorable, but that simple sentence is fantastic. Ever since I read it, I’ve found myself repeating it over and over. This life is big. The statement is vague and leaves nothing resolved. Yet it fills me up and leaves me alternatingly satisfied or grasping for more. Life is so much more than just “big”, but that’s all you can bring yourself to say sometimes. It's repeated in Spanish and Hebrew, the other languages I speak.

Thanks for sharing your tattoo and being our tattooed guest, Adi!

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