Jul 24, 2014

Turning Pages and Standing Up with Books For A Cause

Here's the quickest post intro I've ever done (because one isn't really needed): Please welcome Heather from Turning Pages as she talks about "a project from [her] heart!"

Rachel: Hi, Heather! Thanks for telling us about this fantastic thing you're doing. Speaking of which, can you give us the quick lowdown on what you're doing and what it's about?

Heather: I am hosting an online auction called Books For A Cause that benefits the Stand Up 2 Cancer foundation. My goal is to raise $2,000. 

RachelFor those who don't know much about it (like me), what is the Stand Up 2 Cancer foundation?

HeatherStand Up 2 Cancer has a goal to raise funds, speed up the pace of research, and bring new therapies to cancer patients quickly. You can learn more about what they do and read their mission statement on their website!

RachelIf you don't mind sharing, why did you decide to raise money for SU2C?

HeatherCancer has played a cruel role in most of my life. My mom is a two-time cancer survivor who is currently in remission. Two years ago, my aunt, my mom's younger sister, was diagnosed with cancer. After a long battle, she passed away this past May, just one day after her 50th birthday. My aunt played a major role in my life and was always so positive and loved life. I wanted to do something to honor her and to take a stand for my mom and anyone else who has suffered from this terrible disease. 

RachelAnd then Books For A Cause was created?

HeatherYes. When thinking up fundraising ideas, I thought using my love of books would be the best way. I tossed the idea out there to a few blogging friends and with their encouragement, I dove right in and started planning.

RachelBooks For A Cause has been going on for a while now, correct? How's it going so far? Is this something you think you'll do again in the future?

HeatherYes! I kicked it off in June, just to spread the word and get the idea out there. Then I hosted a read-a-thon in which people could sign up and pledge to read a certain amount of books in a two week time frame. They would then ask for friends, family, whoever to sponsor them at least $1 per book. So far, $290 has been raised. And now the auction is taking place. Since this is still a new project, it's been a learning process for me. I would like to make it a yearly event though.

RachelSo it's going good! That's great! Okay, now for the dirty details: How can people get involved and help Books For A Cause right this second?

HeatherFirst and foremost, helping spread the word! I've created a hashtag, #BooksForACause, that I've been using whenever I share or talk about it on Twitter. People can also visit my blog and check out the online auction that is happening right now! There are so many fabulous books that authors have donated and I will continue to add them as they come in. The auction can be found here. Of course, if anyone doesn't wish to bid on an item but would like to donate to the cause, they can donate directly to the Stand Up 2 Cancer fundraising page I've set up.

RachelHow much longer will Books For A Cause go on for, and is the auction its finale?

HeatherI plan to keep it going as long as there are items to auction off. Ideally, I'd like for each item to be up for 7 days before I select the highest bidder, but sometimes it could take a little longer. The auction is the finale for the fundraiser though. Once everything is said and done, I hope to get some input from the public to see what changes I could make to have it run smoother if I decide to do it again next summer. 

RachelIs there anything else you'd like to share?

HeatherI really appreciate the support the blogging community has shown me as I tackle this somewhat large project! And I hope that you all continue to support this cause and stand up to cancer along side me. :)

To learn more about Books For A Cause, visit Heather's introduction post.

To stay updated on Books For A Cause, follow Heather on Twitter or like Turning Pages on Facebook.

To view or bid on the Books For A Cause auction, go here.

To make a direct donation to Books For A Cause, please check out its Stand Up 2 Cancer page.

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