Jul 29, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (93)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This Tuesday's theme is...

Top Ten Authors I 
Own The Most Books From

This took a LOT of counting and examining and double checking and triple checking and time, but huzzah! I believe this list is final and accurate. Here's how this works: I went through ALL my books, including doubles and ARCs, and if an author had a short story/novella in an anthology or something, that counted as a book, but I didn't count anything on my Kindle (and I don't think it would've made a difference anyway). And so, here are the ten authors I own the most books from, in order from least to greatest (and if more than one author has the same number of books, it's alphabetized, descending). Also, I kind of count number two as number one, and you'll maybe see why.

Claudia Gray: 10
Look at the pretties!

P.C. & Kristin Cast: 10
I think I fell behind on/still need to read Awakened, which I do not have, as you can see. (Also, oh my gosh, I took this picture with the series out of order. This is going to BOTHER ME.)

Kimberly Derting: 11
Yay, Kimberly--and a local author--made the list!

Kelley Armstrong: 12
Wow, I own a lot of Kelley Armstrong books.

Stephenie Meyer: 14
If you think THIS is a lot of Twilight stuff, you ain't seen nothin' yet. *shows you Twilight collect* (Bedding, jewelry, shirts, magazines, and more, oh my!)

Meg Cabot: 14
This list will get bigger when we get A NEW MEDIATOR BOOK!

Sarah Dessen: 15
"Wow, Rachel, What Happened to Goodbye must be your favorite of Sarah Dessen's books." Nope. When she came to town (FINALLY) on tour for the paperback edition of the book, it was ticketed, and I wanted enough tickets to get ALL my Sarah Dessen books signed (also, someday, I want them all in hardcover, too). So I bought four. And now I have four extra copies of What Happened to Goodbye.

Melissa de la Cruz: 18
There are many Blue Bloods books, and when she came here for her book tour, I bought a bunch of her books so I could get them signed.

Rachel Caine: 32
THIS SHOULD BE NO SURPRISE. I AM A HUUUGE RACHEL CAINE AND MORGANVILLE VAMPIRES FAN (MORGANVILLE IS LIKE A SECOND HOME TO ME). I've read all of Morganville, many short stories (most online), and the first two Outcast novels, I think. But this list will forever grow. BECAUSE MORGANVILLE (we get an online TV shooow!).

Jenny Dale: 39
Once upon a time I got Scholastic book order forms in school (those were the days). This was on the very last page and came with a cardboard kennel and DOG FIGURINES (which you bet your ass I still have), so I got my parents to order it, not knowing (I think) that I would get three new books in the series every month (and more dogs). After thirty-nine books my parents cancelled the order (there are SIX more books and I don't have them). But it's a fun, great chapter series that made/makes me want my own kennel SO BAD. And it made me CRY.

Who do you own the most books from?


  1. You have quite the collection of books. Much impressed.

  2. Meg Cabot is on my list too, though I don't have as many of her books as you do.
    My TTT

  3. +JMJ+

    I started collecting Ann M. Martin's Baby-sitters Club books (Yes, also Scholastic titles!) only a few years ago, but they still made my Tenner today. =) If I were a more diligent collector, I'm sure they would have topped the list!

  4. Wow, you have lots of books! Look at all the books!
    My TTT

  5. Wow. I don't think we have anything in common! This week at least. =)

  6. Oh my goodness! 39 books by just one author?!? I thought that having around 10 was good but you blew it out of the water. Great list!

  7. Good list, I love Kelly Armstrong even though I've only The Darkest Powers series and I love Meg Cabot even though I only read two books by her.


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