Jul 14, 2014

Review: Wounded by Stephen Cole

Title: Wounded
Author: Stephen Cole
Publisher: Razorbill
Publishing Date: January 27, 2005
Pages/Format: 272, Paperback
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Sixteen-year-old Tom Anderson's vacation turns into a nightmare when he is "rescued" from a hiking accident by the Folan family. Why do they keep his door locked? And why won't they let him contact his parents?

At first he thinks Kate Folan is the one he should be afraid of, with her black candles and books on dark magic. But soon he discovers that she is, in fact, his only hope for survival. Together, the teenagers flee the Folans and their evil, seeking freedom and a way to cope with the love that's growing between them--a love that could spell ruin for them both.

Book in One Word: LOVE!

I love this book (and, of course, series). I believe I first discovered Wounded my freshman year of high school, when I asked the school librarian for some recommendations of books I might like since I was on a Twilight high. She steered me toward Stephen Cole's Wereling series, and THANK GOSH she did--otherwise, I don't know that I would've ever known about these books, and that would be a gosh darn shame.

Wounded beings the stories of Tom Anderson and Kate Folan, two teens (him sixteen, her seventeen) who find themselves thrown together as they try to survive. When Tom winds up going downriver on a family camping trip, he finds himself in the Folan household with parents Marcie and Hal and their children Kate and Wesley. At first, it seems like the family--well, everyone but Kate--is really trying to help Tom get better so he can return to his presumably worried parents and little brother. But then Tom finds out the Folans are werewolves--and they made him one, too. Because doesn't-want-to-be-a-werewolf Kate has to mate with a 'wolf in order to become one, and her evil mother decided Tom could do it. Then things happen, and Kate and Tom are on the run--from Kate's family, and to find a cure for Tom.

Tom and Kate go through several escapades on their journey, and even though they're never really safe, I love it. I've read this book at least three times, and it's still good. The writing isn't fancy or anything, but it's still pretty good and totally readable. It's a shorter read and a quick page-turner, and thank goodness I have three books to read. I think I'd still love this book even if it didn't have werewolves. (But I LOVE werewolves, so.) There's something about this story and the way it's written that just works for me, and I love it. I care about Tom and Kate's story and what happens to them--and duh, I ship them. And what's great is that there isn't even much romance in here, but it still works. (Because I love me some romance.) Sure, Tom and Kate have the occasional thought about each other, but their focus remains on what's important: staying alive. (And that whole mating-turns-me-'wolf thing with Kate makes it easier for the two to stay apart, since neither of them want Kate to be a 'wolf.)

In the end, this is just a fun, great book that is soo underrated. Tom and Kate are two great characters and POVs who are living a story that I love to read about. And there are memorable secondary characters: Kate's evil bitch of a mother Marcie; the nasty albino 'wolf Papa Takapa; and Adam Blood--how did I forget about you?!--with his British accents (yes, plural) and funny lines. So, to recap: Wounded has likable characters, good writing, and a compelling story. Oh, and there are WEREWOLVES. Is this book perfect? No. But I enjoy reading it too much to even really see what's wrong with it; I just don't care. I was waaay overdue for a reread on this book, and now I can finally review it for the blog! You? Go read this book! Me? I'm on to book two, Prey!

Did I like it? Yes!
Did I love it? YES!
Would I reread it? Already have and will again!
Would I purchase it? Of course I already have!
Who would I recommend it to? Really, I want EVERYONE to read this, but to be more specific: Fans of werewolves, teens on the run, and awesome adventures.

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