Jul 26, 2014

Review: Prey by Stephen Cole

Title: Prey
Author: Stephen Cole
Publisher: Razorbill
Publishing Date: March 17, 2005
Pages/Format: 272, Paperback
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Tom wants nothing more than to be a normal person again. He and Kate have escaped Kate's werewolf mother--for now. They've come all the way to New York, searching for the man they hope can cure Tom.

But the city is no safe haven. Something is stalking the streets, preying on the vulnerable, the street kids--kids like Tom and Kate...

Book in One Word: Good!

Tom and Kate are back, and as they were in Wounded, they're on the run from some nasty werewolves, trying to find Jicaque (the medicine man who can make Tom fully human again), and all that fun stuff. After the fallout in New Orleans, they've escaped to New York--but of course trouble followed the two teenagers there.

Prey begins not longer after when Wounded left off, but Tom and Kate are now in New York. It doesn't take long for them to find danger--and a new group of friends and help. After saving Ramon from a bunch of 'wolves, they meet him and his crew: Jasmine, Rico, Polar, and a few others. Together, Tom and Kate, and Ramon, Rico, and Jasmine, search for a cure and try to figure out what Takapa, the big bad wolf, is up to. They know people are being turned 'wolf every day and that there's bracket-style fighting happening (headed by a nasty werwolf guy named Swagger), and also a sterum for the wolves (thus introducing Stacy Stein), but they don't know why.

I know I mentioned it in my review for Wounded, the first book, but I love this series. For one, it has WEREWOLVES. And it really is pretty simple, but there's something about it that makes it so readable and lovable. I don't know if I like Prey as much as Wounded, but whatever. This series has great characters and some super cool scenes, and I don't know that I'll ever tire of it. And I know this review is on the shorter side, but so is the book! The only thing I have left to say is: READ IT! And now, I'm on to book three, Resurrection!

Did I like it? Yes!
Did I love it? Yes!
Would I reread it? I think this is my third time rereading the book, so yes!
Would I purchase it? Of course I already have!
Who would I recommend it to? Really, I want EVERYONE to read this, but to be more specific: Fans of werewolves, teens on the run, and awesome adventures.

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