Jun 8, 2014

Sunday Spinetry (13)

Sunday Spinetry is a weekly meme hosted by, well, me! 
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It's time for another bit of bookish poetry! Today's is about a little post-apocalyptic world (or something) that popped into my head when I saw the first book of this poem on my shelf. I hope you like it!

Welcome to the days of blood and starlight--
The last days of the reckoning.
Hereafter, the wicked and the just
will prey on and jerk the wounded.
You will be a hostage
in neither a fearscape nor a dreamland,
but in an hourglass of beautiful redemption.
And you may see a gorgeous star in the storm,
where the stars still shine in the woods of the likeness.
But this is the graveyard book,
and you are an angel with a bullet.

What books would you use to make some poetry?

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