Jun 6, 2014

Be Our Tattooed Guest: Joy + Books

Hello, lovely people! Welcome to a new feature on the blog, Be Our Tattooed Guest! If you're like me, then you find something fascinating about tattoos. (And you maybe don't have any of your own. And maybe that sentence should have "yet" at the end of it.) You like to look at tattoos, dream about what tattoos you would get, and all that ink-filled jazz. But what could tattoos possibly have to do with this blog? [Insert coy smile here.] Darlings, that's where tattoos of the bookish and literary variety come along.

Enter the creation of Be Our Tattooed Guest. I'm hoping that every week (and on Fridays!) I will have a guest on the blog who has some kind of bookish/literary tattoo. I'm super excited about this, and I hope you all really like it, too! And I'm crossing my fingers that this feature doesn't make me even more tempted to get a tattoo. (Who am I kidding, it's so going to!)

Now that the introduction is over, meet our first tattooed guest and see her literary tattoo!

Joy McCullough-Carranza

Artist: Bryan Kachel @ Rabid Hands Tattoo in Seattle, WA.

DesignMy tattoo is books - flying, falling books across my back. I also have a quote from Much Ado About Nothing around my wrist ("Serve God, love me, and mend.") but it's hard to photograph around the wrist.

Story: I've always been a voracious reader and I'm an MG writer, so obviously I love books. But the tattoo is more about my connection with my kids. My daughter's first word was book, her first sign was book, and all she's ever wanted to do was sit and read for HOURS, even from the time she was a small toddler. My second child is almost as voracious, so sitting and reading together, exploring new worlds with them through books, revisiting my childhood favorites, has been a huge part of motherhood for me.

Thanks for sharing your tattoo and being our tattooed guest, Joy!

Do you have a tattoo of the bookish, literary, or poetic variety? (Basically, if it has anything whatsoever to do with books, it works!) Would you like to be our tattooed guest? We'd love to have you! All you have to do is fill out this form and then you're on the guest list!

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