Jun 20, 2014

Be Our Tattooed Guest: Brittany + Shakespeare

Welcome to Be Our Tattooed Guest, an original feature here on Beauty and the Bookshelf! This feature is all about tattoos of the literary, poetic, and bookish variety, and people showing them off! To learn more about Be Our Tattooed Guest, please go here.

Today's guest has a tattoo that's originally from an old guy you've probably heard of, but was also used in a much more recent (and excellent) series!

Brittany Pustank

Artist: Mike Deacan (just starting a shop) in Fort Nelson, BC, Canada.

DesignAn angel wing, Shakespeare, and Tahereh Mafi on the arm.

Story: I actually drew and designed my tattoo myself. The angel wing and blood is a representation of people who've died in my life. A fallen angel type thing and the quote is originally from Shakespeare and later used in Tahereh Mafi's Shatter Me series. It seemed to fit and say what I wanted to about the unfairness in the world.

Thanks for sharing your tattoo and being our tattooed guest, Brittany!

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  1. Wow that is a really great tattoo and I love that quote!

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