May 24, 2014

Song As Old As Rhyme: Labyrinth

I've been in a bit of a Labyrinth mood lately (and will hopefully be watching my DVD this holiday weekend), and right now I MIGHT be listening to the soundtrack. Okay, I totally am. And you should be, too, so here are some of my favorite tracks of the fantasmical soundtrack for Labyrinth!

Look! Here's the entire album for your listening pleasure! (Don't you just LOVE IT?)

"Magic Dance"
By far the most popular song from this movie, but there's a reason for this: "YOU REMIND ME OF THE BABE." Plus slime and snails and puppy dog tails. What more could you possibly want from a musical number (and listening material)?

"Chilly Down"
Yes, this looks extremely weird, and IT IS. But it sounds AWESOME. "Don't got no problems, ain't got no suitcase, ain't got no clothes to worry about, ain't got no real estate or jewelry or gold mines to hang me up."

(Yes, I know this song is out of order, but I wanted this gif in the middle!) "Underground" is actually in Labyrinth twice, so it's a double win--and I think its sound is kind of different from the other tracks, which is cool. "Don't tell me truth hurts, little girl, 'cause it hurts like hell."

"As The World Falls Down"
Ugh, this is just so PRETTY. Very...mystical, or something? "I'll paint you mornings of gold, I'll spin you Valentine evenings."

"Within You"
Another pretty song! And I like this one more than the previous song--actually, I LOVE it. "How you turn my world, you precious thing." 

There you go! Some of my favorite musical things from Labyrinth! (Though really, it's all great.) But wait! YOU HAVEN'T SEEN LABYRINTH?

You may want to get on that...or else face the Bog of Eternal Stench.

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  1. Oh my gosh! This is one of my favorite movies! I was just thinking the other day how lovely adding this soundtrack to my iTunes list would be but never got around to buying the album. That will definitely be on my do to list this weekend. =)


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