Apr 24, 2014

Song As Old As Rhyme: Alternative Rock

My favorite radio station is 107.7 The End, and it's where I find most of my music and fall hard for songs...before they go mainstream. The End has been a bit of a gold mine lately, full of lots of great new music. Here are a few that my ears like!

You've heard the latest from The Black Keys, yes? Because it is GOOD. Here, listen!

I still prefer their first released track off this album, "Do I Wanna Know," but this is also quite good. However, you should listen to both. Definitely both.

What is it about this that's so good?

The radio station plays the live version, and something about this is just...I like it.

This is probably my favorite song right now. SO FREAKING GOOD. Also, check out "I'm Only Joking."

(Note: If I wouldn't've put it on an earlier post, Phantogram's "Fall In Love" would totally be on here.)

What are you listening to these days?

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