Mar 23, 2014

Sunday Spinetry (9)

Sunday Spinetry is a weekly meme hosted by, well, me! 
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Oops, it's been a while since I posted some spinetry! However, I'm back at it this week, and there's a bit of a theme: spring! Since spring has just begun and we said goodbye to winter (okay, let's face it, we didn't really), I decided that today's poem would kind of be about the transition between the two. But let's face it. What we all really want is warmth and sunshine (I feel bad for all of you with all the snow)!

The last days.
Cold kiss, extremely loud and incredibly close.
Don't. Breathe. A. Word.
The Infects struck a corner of white;
Let the sky fall, Daylighters!
Soulstice, splintered.
Shade the day before,
Shine wild awake.

Also, bonus: Big Kitty kept interfering (and trying to play with the flowers)!

Did you write any spinetry or poetry this week?

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