Mar 29, 2014

Song As Old As Rhyme: WTF Is This?

Oh, come on. You know that there's at least one song you love that is just plain weird. But you know what? Weird is AWESOME. And therefore, scientifically, so are these songs. Now, I know some of them sound like complete WTFery. But if you listen, you'll hear them do wonders for your ears.

"Tiger in a drugstore."

The sound is just, ugh, SO GOOD.

Not really weird, but different--and good.

That drop is fitz-something.

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG. "It's the year of the scavenger, the season of the bitch." Just listen to this soundtrack, over and over.

Passionate for Passion Pit.

I feel like I should be in some uber cool club.

What are you favorite odd-ball songs?

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness, Electropop by Jupiter Rising!! I remember I used to be obsessed with this song. And I love all of these. You're so right, they sound strange at first, but then they're good.

    - Tabitha @ Tabitha's Book Blog


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